Three students holding hands outside.
26 Apr: The Joy & Benefit of Movement

We know we SHOULD move more. But when & how? And what about students in our classrooms? #VirtuallyDifferent Digital Learning Coaches Jen & Amy take a walk & discuss these things.

Play-Doh modelling.
21 Apr: 15 Ways to Use Play-Doh in the Middle and High School Classroom

Play-Doh is an early childhood staple. What if it was put to use in middle & upper grades? Carrie gave it a try!

Certificate of Achievement
19 Apr: Building a Foundation of Strong Work Ethic: A Community Approach

Too often the work ethic of young people is put into question. Autumne shares how her district is equipping students with work ethic skills to be future ready citizens.

14 Apr: Admin Help Admin: Instructional Leadership

Where do school administrators go to find ideas? Laura Christie is here to fill some of the gap!

Playing Monopoly.
12 Apr: Hands-On Activities in the Accounting Classroom

While “accounting class” may not scream “hands-on learning,” Ashley Johnson has a number of ideas to change that mindset.

Student reading a book.
07 Apr: Integrating the Science of Reading into Literacy Lessons

What does it look like when the tenets of the Science of Reading are incorporated into lessons? Dr. Erin McNeill provides a glimpse into what is happening.

Teacher in front of a whiteboard.
05 Apr: Tips on Surviving Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout is real. Three #VirtuallyDifferent Digital Learning Coaches have ideas for working through these thoughts.

group photo
31 Mar: Investing Students in their Journeys as Writers

Being able to express oneself through writing is a critical skill. Check out John’s ideas for incorporating writing into every content area!

Two students reading.
24 Mar: What is the Science of Reading?

The Science of Reading is every where. Dr. Erin McNeill sets out to demystify this complex idea.

Students posing for a picture in the classroom.
22 Mar: Cross Curricular Collaboration in the CTE Classroom

Ashley had the spark of an idea which quickly grew into a cross-curricular project her students will not soon forget!

Educator using social media on a smart phone.

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