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28 Oct: Who lectured to Isaac Newton?

In June of 2022, Indiana adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Some may question why such a change was necessary. In this blog, Dr. Stacy Hootman speaks from her own experience as both a science student and a science teacher. She describes the Three Dimensions of the NGSS, where teachers can turn for resources on both a national and state level, and why this change is necessary for Indiana.

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26 Oct: Making Music without Instruments… by Counting Syllables

Students often love music and gravitate to anything with a good beat. How can you incorporate that love into writing? William Bryant Rozier does just that with his students, and he’s captured the process!

Teacher teaching a student.
21 Oct: From RtI to MTSS – Building on the Basics

MTSS is a fairly new acronym to many educators, so we rewind a few years in the educational world to discuss some familiar items and where MTSS originated. We will discuss educational experts’ 4 Essential Questions, discuss the importance of PLCs, and dig a little deeper into the academic portion of MTSS. The blog is set up to help facilitate conversations in your building, and help develop a cohesive framework to put your MTSS strategies on paper.

Instructional Coaching
19 Oct: Things I Wish I Knew as a New Instructional Coach

Often Instructional Coaches work alone in a building which is very different from being a classroom teacher. Former Instructional Coach & current Keep Indiana Learning Professional Learning Specialist Jessica Miller shares lessons she learned from her coaching days.

man destroyed laptop with a hammer. Nervous work, buggy computer, errors, slow Internet, not saved in the game, printed text, hung. Bad old computer failed, does not turn on, hangs.
18 Oct: Backup your websites and avoid frustration

Website downtime could lead to an influx of calls and emails from students and parents. Worse, it could lead to information loss which could affect the staff from doing their job. We will touch on the types of backups you can utilize (with a few examples) to help you.

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14 Oct: Revive the Shelves with Primary Sources: See. Think. Wonder.

Every content area has iconic and powerful pictures. How can we use those to spark curiosity & thinking? Librarian Colette Huxford-Kinnett shares the See~Think~Wonder strategy which can be used across grades & content areas.

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12 Oct: Early Childhood Multi-Language Learners – Giving Them the Support They Need

How can Early Childhood Educators best support their multi-language learners? Kristin Parisi shares multiple practical and easily implemented strategies!

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03 Oct: An Introduction to Our Tactic Teams, Expert Networks, and Connect Networks

Keep Indiana Learning is a collaborative effort to develop and provide easy-to-access, high-quality professional learning for educators across Indiana. Our community cultivates a space for professionals with a desire to transform the landscape of education, aiming to remove all barriers to equitable, engaging learning experiences—for educators, leaders, and families.

Story Notes - Grandparents
30 Sep: Using a Sentence to Make a Silent Film? An Activity for All!

Many students love movies. How can we bring that love into the classroom? Wm. Bryant Rozier breaks down the process for students to make films in any content areas using devices most use daily!

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28 Sep: Why Are We Doing This?

Taking the time to pause & reflect on our WHY is not time wasted. Anna Cook dives into the importance of exploring our why and how it can impact our decisions each day.

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