Professional Developemnt for early-childhood!?!
07 May: Wow! What Just Happened: The Power of Reflection for an Early-Childhood Educator

Calling all early-childhood superstars: teachers, para-pro’s, assistants, directors, yes you! Is it an understatement to say that the early-childhood world is unlike anything else in education? I know, silly question, right? Welcome!

graphs next to a laptop and colored pencils
05 May: 3-2-1-Go! Making Data Accessible & Easier to Teach

There is an explosion of data and graphs all around us—on the news, in our social media feeds, on our phones, etc. And it is becoming increasingly clear that our students need to build their data skills to succeed in the 21st century (be it at a future job or paying their electricity bills).

student learning online with teacher on computer screen
30 Apr: Using your LMS to Strengthen Relationships with Students

Relationships with our students are key. As educators, we know this is vital to student success. Research tells us there is a positive correlation between student engagement and academic success.

young student learning on a computer conference
28 Apr: Global Connections: Before, During and After

You have the perfect lesson for a global connection. You have reached out and found an opportunity that would enrich your students’ depth of knowledge. You want to do things correctly and feel overwhelmed with this new process.

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mom and her daughter working on a laptop
21 Apr: 13 Things I Think I Know About Digital Citizenship

A recent conversation I had regarding digital citizenship for the first episode of our Keep Indiana Learning Home Grown podcast got me thinking. In my more than 10 years working in the EdTech world, I’ve had plenty of time to consider what digital citizenship means, and how it impacts our work as educators in a digital world.

teacher teaching math in the classroom
16 Apr: 3 Easy Steps for Incorporating Financial Literacy in Your Classroom – No Matter What You Teach!

Financial decisions have always been complex—made even more so by a global pandemic. However, many students are not prepared to make informed financial choices as they move into adulthood.

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07 Apr: Instagram = InstaPLN

Professional development has always come in all shapes and sizes. From large formal conferences with thousands of attendees, to small book studies, there is PD to match the needs of every educator. Recently, the way educators are accessing professional development looks different.

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31 Mar: Supporting Girls in STEM Education

I remember it like it was yesterday: 5th grade, Mr. Morgan’s Math and Science class: We were talking about dissolving solids in solutions. He asked, “Will sugar dissolve faster in cold water or hot water?”

KInL - Technology Based Teaching
26 Mar: Tech Integration on Purpose and With a Purpose

A few years ago, a colleague suggested that I watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, which introduced me to the concept of identifying and communicating your why. To quote Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

students working together at computers in a classroom
24 Mar: Healthy Tech Habits for Post-COVID Teaching

When we all went digital overnight we started seeing free offers from every technology platform and company. Teachers started getting inundated with every type of tool you could possibly use on a device—apps, sites, widgets, and gadgets…oh my!

young girl celebrating while learning at her laptop
19 Mar: 5 Tips on How to Make PBL Work Remotely

Project-based learning can help show students how they can make a positive impact on their world and can help them learn the skills they need to succeed in their lives. Read below on FIVE tips on how to make PBL work remotely.

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