Customized Professional Learning

The mission of Keep Indiana Learning is to support and serve all Indiana educators in their efforts to transform teaching and learning in their districts, schools, and classrooms.

Each district, school, and classroom in Indiana has unique needs, so at Keep Indiana Learning our team specializes in customizing professional learning to your needs.  We work with you to determine what is the best mode of delivery (in-person, virtual, synchronous, asynchronous, coaching, observations, PLCs) then we use our content expertise in research-based best practices to build a professional learning plan to meet your unique situation.

We've Got Your Back

The Professional Learning team at Keep Indiana Learning strives to innovate and create high-quality professional learning to anticipate and exceed the needs of Indiana educators and become your trusted partner in professional learning. Through our collaboration, we will ultimately transform teaching and learning to empower all Indiana’s students and educators. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to Laurie Ferry, Director of Professional Learning at

Bounce Back Higher Through Custom Professional Development

Here are a few samples of professional learning partnerships we are engaging in with schools this year.

Demystify Math instruction

Develop math fluency, instill number sense, and create a community of problem solvers and risk-takers who embrace challenges and exploration.

Contact Courtney Flessner, Math Professional Learning Specialist,, for help customizing a math plan for your school or district.

Create a culture of collaboration

Inspire resilient and courageous learners who connect prior learning to new situations.

Contact Lena Darnay, Digital and Inquiry Professional Learning Specialist,, for help customizing an instructional learning plan for your school or district.

Unlock Literacy

Through key strategies honed by research and practice to develop foundational reading and writing skills, fluency, and comprehension.

Contact Anna Cook, Literacy Professional Learning Specialist,, for help customizing a literacy plan for your school or district.

Lift Learning

With thoughtful technology integration, digital citizenship skills, and opportunities for choice, creativity, flexibility, and self-discovery.

Contact Lena Darnay, Digital and Inquiry Professional Learning Specialist,, for help customizing a technology integration plan for your school or district.

Plan in Place

Education is emerging into a moment of opportunity. We can help you transform the landscape of learning through innovative instructional design and learner-centered strategies. Synthesize best practices from past, present, and emerging data and research. Learning takes the lead no matter the method; in-person, virtual, hybrid, blended.

  • Custom Professional Learning Plans and development
  • Communities of Practice for regional and statewide support
  • Robust library of high-quality learning in varied modes of delivery


CIESC is a non-profit public service organization and is able to provide high quality professional learning at cost-effective pricing.

ESC member districts

$1100 per day (6 hours) for ESC member districts

Non-member districts

$1300 per day (6 hours) for non-member districts

Hourly rate and half day rates follow accordingly.


Ultimately, our focus is on the students of Indiana. Through innovative and focused support for educators, we serve the future of our community. To see how we can help with custom professional development, reach out today.

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