Bite-sized Financial Literacy for All Students

Bite-sized Financial Literacy for All Students

Written by: Kristin Pierce

April 19, 2024

Whether you teach littles in elementary school or teens on the cusp of adulthood in high school, preparing students for their financial future is for all ages. The good news: there is still time left in April to honor Financial Literacy Month in your classroom with EVERFI’s no-cost resources!

“There is still time left in April to honor Financial Literacy Month in your classroom.”

If you have time for one or two financial-focused lessons, have students start one of the courses below and choose the lesson they complete:

Elementary School

o   Vault: Understanding Money—Introduce the concept of financial decision making

Middle School

o   FutureSmart: Financial Literacy*—Students become “mayor” of the town and learn how to manage their finances and make sound decisions

o   SmartEconomics*—Get your students thinking about factors that impact the price of the things they buy

High School

o   EVERFI: Financial Literacy*—Encourage students to explore one of the seven lessons—covering everything from banking, employment, budgeting, consumer skills, financing higher education, and more—in our financial education 101-course

o   Marketplaces or Sustainable Investing Essentials—Get your students thinking about investing and even how to make financial decisions that align with personal values

*This course includes a scholarship opportunity—encourage your students to apply!

Ready to do a financial-focused lesson in class tomorrow? Create your account today and explore the no-cost resources to find the perfect fit for your classroom. After you’ve found your lesson and added a course to your class, let the learning begin! 

We know that our standards-aligned, research-based digital lessons will be a perfect fit for your classroom and teach your students to thrive in an ever-changing world. If you ever have questions or need support implementing EVERFI courses in your classroom, please reach out to your local rep, Kristin Pierce, at kristin.pierce@everfi.com.

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  • Kristin Pierce

    Kristin Pierce is an Education Success Specialist at EVERFI. At EVERFI, she supports educators across the U.S. and Canada as they implement EVERFI’s no-cost resources related to financial literacy, STEM & career readiness, health and wellness, character education, and more. As a former high school English teacher and EL coordinator, Kristin feels passionately about equipping every student with the real-world skills they need for lifelong success.

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