KINL Coaching Cadre Fall and Spring

KINL Coaching Cadres

Join a KINL Coaching Cadre to engage in professional learning experiences designed to support Instructional Coaches and leaders of teachers! This Cadre is designed for new and veteran coaches looking to grow in their foundational coaching practices.

Big Math Ideas 1

Big Math Ideas Instructional Leadership Cadre

Come together two times per month with a focus on “things to know” as a novice teacher. We want to offer you a safe space to continue your learning process. Hear from our KInL professional learning specialists, current experienced teachers, and have opportunities to share what’s working for you as you navigate the beginning of your teaching career! 

stem summit 2024

Hands-On & Minds-On STEM Summit

A first-of-its-kind in Indiana “unconference” will actively engage participants in the 3 dimensions of the new Indiana Science standards (NGSS) while embracing the “hands-on/minds-on” the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is well-known for.