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03 Dec: A Stop Along the Path to Growing Thinking Students

Rather than regurgitate math procedures, I knew my students needed to be able to think and reason deeply enough to tackle any problem thrown at them in math, or even life.

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01 Dec: Leading through the Lens of Love

Service is definitely a calling! In this blog, Kirsten Phillips from Richmond Community Schools will share several ways building leaders can show gratitude that strengthens relationships and renews their passion for leading.

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26 Nov: The Top Two Influences on Student Achievement

What works in education? According to research, here’s the 2 biggest influences on student achievement.

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24 Nov: Read Around the Text to Find a Good Book

Sometimes students don’t like reading because they haven’t found the right book yet. Let’s change that!

Evidence Splat Example
19 Nov: Content Glow Up with Jamboard – Part 2

Emily & Lauren have more innovative ways to use Jamboard.

HECC 2021
17 Nov: EdTech Hidden Gems for Indiana Schools — HECC Highlights

Couldn’t attend HECC? That’s OK! Eric’s got the highlights.

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12 Nov: Making Things is Essential to Learning “Robot-Proof” Job Skills

A maker mindset engages students to collaborate, articulate, imaginate and create solutions that can’t be programmed into a machine…and which have the biggest impact on student attainment.

student performing as Belle
05 Nov: Extending Your Classroom Onto the Stage

Think staging a musical is beyond your students? I would disagree! Let me share my experience.

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03 Nov: STEM Fun & Voting Excitement!

The Young Hoosier Book Award list is compiled yearly by librarians and teachers. Learn how to use these books to build excitement for STEM learning as well as how to get your students involved in the voting process.

Sarah Ewing, Erika Kline, Caroline Pease
29 Oct: The Power of Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone: Teacher Edition

An ambitious math teacher sees students as having the ability to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. An ambitious teacher believes their students can make sense of new math ideas and use what they already know to solve problems.

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27 Oct: When You Realize Punishment Without Learning Is Worthless: Shifting Your Digital Mindset

“Digital Responsibility” is a broad term. Let’s break it down to 4 key elements.

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Check out Howie Hua!
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Pick of the Pod: Burnout – Breaking the Stress Cycle
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Quantile Growth Planner
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4 New Zoom Tools for Teachers
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Citizen Math
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After School Play Date: Kids Coding Club
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Estimation 180
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Edutopia: A Strategy for Boosting Student Engagement in Math
Easy & Free Graphic Design for Education
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Free Icons for Slides, Docs, & More!
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