Student posing for a picture, while seated at her desk.
29 Nov: “How Can I Help?”

Instructional Assistants are sometimes overlooked for the role they play in classrooms. Angie Wiggins shares her approach to partnering with the classroom teachers she interacts with each day.

Little girl writing on paper.
17 Nov: Supporting Our Youngest Learners

Kristin Parisi highlights great information available to Early Learning Professionals through the new Indiana Early Learning Standards, and she shares a pot of gold of resources available as well!

Dogs pulling a sled.
10 Nov: Obstacles into Opportunities

While most admit there is always room for improvement, actually making the needed changes isn’t always met with positivity. Tim Daugherty shares some thoughts on how to shift the thinking from obstacles to opportunities.

A teacher and a student working together at a table with a laptop.
27 Oct: An Introduction to MTSS

MTSS – a string of letters every educator hears regularly. #VirtuallyDifferent Digital Learning Coach Sandy Goehring provides an introduction to how MTSS can enhance a student’s learning.

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