31 May: Cybersecurity & ChatGPT Dominate the Conversation at 2023 CoSN Indiana CTO Clinic

Educators often take for granted the technology hardware & software infrastructure which keeps classrooms humming. Eric provides a peek behind the curtain at a recent gathering of IT professionals.

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26 May: Admin Help Admin: Communication

Administrators communicate with people from young students to superintendents to parents every single day. Assistant Principal Laura Christie has tips for doing it well.

24 May: The 3 R’s of Summer…Reflect, Rejuvenate, and Relax. You Deserve It!

Summer is the time to reflect, rejuvenate, and relax. Kristin Parisi has some thoughts to get us started.

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18 May: Behaviors to Notice and Support to Cultivate Lifelong Reading

We know foundational skills are critical to early reading. But what are the next steps we need to help readers take to become lifelong readers? The LitGals explore this question.

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12 May: PD Your Way: An Inexpensive & Powerful PD Opportunity

Professional Development on topics of interest at a time which fits your schedule? Mike shows you how!

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10 May: From Analogy to Cover Art: Understanding Context to Explore Real Jobs

Wm. Bryant gives students time & space for them to move from an idea to tangible item. Take a look at the journey!

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05 May: A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words…Art Edition

Explore picture books you can use to introduce students to art, artists, & museums. Jen has even rounded up some virtual field trips to expand your students’ horizons.

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03 May: The Ripple Effect: The Impact of a Trauma-Informed School – Building a Trauma-Informed School – Part 4 of 4

The journey to become a trauma-informed school is not a short one. Trudi Wolfe wraps up her four part series exploring the impact of this process.

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28 Apr: My Favorite Coaching Tool: Sticky Note Anchor Charts

Sticky notes & anchor charts would appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Jessica Miller has other ideas!

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