Children doing homework with an adult.
03 Feb: The Joy of Writing

“But I don’t like writing…” How many times have teachers & parents heard that whine from a child? Bridgett Nelson shares how she helped her early learners develop a love of writing.

Student introduces herself to others.
01 Feb: School Counselor Advocacy

Kick off & celebrate National School Counselor Week! In a time when school counselors are likened to the “junk drawer” of the school, and social-emotional learning is politicized to be divisive, and youth mental health concerns are on the rise, writer Melissa Cook Rarick dreams of the school counseling profession being better understood and celebrated for what it can do.

Students using a laptop in class.
27 Jan: Computer Science Education Week Recap

Did you miss Computer Science Education Week? That’s OK! #VirtuallyDifferent Digital Learning Coach Melissa Walley recaps all the events and resources shared in December.

Students circled around a 3D Printer
25 Jan: The 4C’s: 3D Printing in Your Classroom

3D printing can help with academic standards and the critical 4C’s (critical thinking, creativity, communication, & collaboration). Dr. Corey Hall explains how in part 2 of her series.

Students showing how to make proper change.
20 Jan: Professionalism Day in the CTE Classroom

This blog series will cover innovative ways to implement content in CTE courses. I will discuss the curriculum standards met, how I implemented the curriculum into my classroom, and the overall feedback from the students.

Young female student listen to music in class.
18 Jan: Extending Black Excellence Beyond Black History Month – Interview with Danisha Brown

Educator Barnes has a fantastic conversation with fashion designer Danisha Brown. Danisha will inspire your students to tackle their dreams!

Women at a table with their computers.
11 Jan: 4 Ways School Counselors Can Use Data to Kick Start Second Semester

Data is a powerful tool for school counselors to utilize, but it can be difficult to know where to start. The beginning of a new semester is a natural time to compile data from the first half of the year, assess student needs, and reflect on your goals for your school counseling program. In this blog we will explore 4 ways school counselors can use data to successfully kick off second semester with intentionality.

KINL Logo with Tagline
23 Dec: 2022 Year in Review

What a year it’s been for Keep Indiana Learning! In 2022, we made great strides in developing relationships with our learning partners.

Students watching a 3D Printer
16 Dec: You Have a 3D Printer, Now What? Developing a Sustainable 3D Printing Program (Part 1)

A 3D printer is a great tool, but if there’s no system in place, it can become a nightmare relegated to gather cobwebs in the corner. Corey Hall has advice on being thoughtful & intentional with this resource.

Woman teaching a child.
14 Dec: Rhyming – You Aren’t Fun… At First…

Teaching early learners to rhyme… frustrating? Yes! Pointless? Absolutely Not! Bridgett Nelson shares research on why it’s important and tips from the field.

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