a teacher in a circle with a group of students practicing counting
20 Nov: Top 3 Ways to Support New Teachers

New teachers are my favorite. As an administrator, I see them as a bundle of new energy with fresh ideas and a level of excitement that is unparalleled. Each year, the fresh crop of “I’m here to change the world” educators are the greatest gift we have to our students.

Welcome Lena
14 Oct: Welcome, Lena Darnay

CIESC would like to welcome a new member to the Professional Learning Team.  Lena Darnay is the new Professional Learning Specialist with a focus on Digital Learning.

Multiracial students in a classroom.
06 Oct: IPS Racial Equity Movement – A Historical Overview

It was during the Civil Rights era in the 1960s that I graduated from Indiana University and began my first teaching assignment at IPS #21. My class of second graders, all Black, were anxiously waiting to get the school year started—and so was I!  It didn’t hit me at first because this was not something the School of Education had included in my teacher preparation courses.  However, as the school year proceeded, it became glaringly apparent that none of the textbooks reflected the students I was teaching!

two teachers planning online learning on computers
22 Sep: JUST One More Thing to Consider!

If we’ve learned nothing else this year, it’s that the word “just” is a four-letter word.  “JUST click that and it will…”  Or  “You JUST need to open it so that you can…”   How about “If you JUST scroll over there…”  

Computer laptop with STEM learning items
04 Aug: Teaching Critical STEM Skills on All Three Levels of Learning

STEM education elicits different images depending on the background of the individuals surveyed. The majority of educators can identify that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Unfortunately, many educators do not see themselves as STEM educators if their teaching assignment does not fall within one of these categories.

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