"QUEST" in scrabble tiles
23 Jul: The Quest to Overcome the Culture of Compliance

We all know the teacher (or maybe we are the teacher) who is known for committing to strict deadlines and unwavering due dates. The teacher who is dedicated to teaching students punctuality, responsibility, and accountability at all cost.

students learning together
21 Jul: What I Thought I Knew… A teacher’s journey to becoming a Blind and Low Vision Teacher

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I have the heart to serve others and I knew teaching was my pathway to service. After teaching 16 years in a large, urban school district, I found myself wanting more.

young student working at a computer
16 Jul: Techie Templates: Easy Ways to Create Tech-Infused Learning Activities

When I taught Kindergarten I got anxiety about students logging in, following directions and being able to help 20 little excited learners at once.

young students building small robots
14 Jul: 10 Things I Think I Know About Maker Education

I remember the first time I found myself in a makerspace. I was at a conference and the organizers had erected a model makerspace to explore.

computer with icons and fun, bright background
07 Jul: Micro-Credentials – You Do Actually Need Those Stinking Badges!

Micro-credentials are popular in the business sector and represent certifications in hard skills, such as Microsoft Office, or soft skills, such as teamwork or self-management. Education is starting to use micro-credentials for teachers to show certifications in specific competencies that pertain to their classroom.

Teacher at the front of the classroom
02 Jul: D.O.K.: Assessments

How well do your assessments align with what you’ve asked students to do in the classroom? Aligning the Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) of assessments with the D.O.K. of teaching is an important part of the process.

teacher and student looking at a globe
25 Jun: D.O.K.: What is my Current Status?

Now that you understand what Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) is and isn’t and you know there are no quick answers or graphics to categorize according to the 4 levels, what might you do next?

Keep Indiana Learning
23 Jun: CIESC-Keep Indiana Learning awarded Indiana Department of Education’s Student Learning Recovery Grant

CIESC/Keep Indiana Learning has been awarded a $2.6 million Indiana Department of Education’s Student Learning Recovery Grant! We are thrilled to announce a grant partnership with Modern Classroom Project (MCP), CELL/UIndy, Region 8 ESC, NIESC, and NWIESC.

SOAPstone - Google Jamboard
18 Jun: Reading is NOT Boring with JamBoard

Jamboard is Google´s new kid in town! The program is designed to be a collaborative whiteboard. It’s like putting a Promethean board at every student’s fingertips.

children working on a computer
16 Jun: Elementary Computer Science Education: A “Nicety” or a “Necessity?”

I fondly remember my first purpose-driven experience that exposed elementary students to Computer Science through’s Hour of Code.

students working at a desk
11 Jun: D.O.K.: It Is Not Just About the Verb

As an educator, I am happy to grab tools that help simplify my work and (hopefully) save me time. In fact, making those tools is something I myself love to do! As such, I have collected several versions of graphics that put verbs into categories to support educators in their attempt to determine the Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.) of a task.

smiling teacher at a whiteboard
09 Jun: D.O.K.: What is it?

Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K.): What is it? Why does it matter? Why has it been added to the already full plates of educators? To be honest, I didn’t really give D.O.K. much credit.

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