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17 Sep: Non-Fiction: The Key to Stimulating Curiosity & Student Success

Do you want to generate interest in non-fiction? Then start reading it yourself. Fifteen years ago when my then high school principal walked into the library and told me that we needed to start doing more with non-fiction, I thought, “Please, no.” I was a romance, verse novel aficionado. But he was correct. Non-fiction is important.

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15 Sep: EdTech Hidden Gems for Indiana Schools — Alma

Schools across Indiana are back in session. In spite of the COVID Delta Variant causing so much upheaval, once the school day starts, there’s a familiar energy that’s combating the continued burden we’re all sharing.

INLearning Partnership
14 Sep: Announcing the INLearning Partnership

We are excited to announce a new collaborative initiative called INLearning Partnership! Keep Indiana Learning, Indiana Learning Lab and the IDOE are coming together to provide comprehensive professional learning resources for Indiana educators.

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10 Sep: Building Relationships With Students

Relationships with our students are key. As educators, we know this is vital to student success. Research tells us there is a positive correlation between student engagement and academic success.

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03 Sep: The Global Read Aloud: Making Connections Beyond the Classroom Walls

Students need to be part of experiences that are bigger than themselves. Having conversations centered in understanding, acceptance and empathy with others can be a great way to make connections outside of the classroom.

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01 Sep: Building Hope and Opportunity

A new school year presents opportunities for various beginnings—a new school, new classes, new faces, sometimes new courses, and often new materials. Summer and vacation can be an excellent time for rest and renewal.

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27 Aug: Abre: An EdTech Hidden Gem

The edtech landscape has shifted. Again. In the past month, two titans in the game, PowerSchool and Instructure, have rung the bell on Wall Street with the recent announcement of their IPOs.

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25 Aug: Bringing Relevance to the Math Classroom by Using Real-World Data

“When are we ever going to use this?” The dreaded, yet inevitable, question that arises every year for math educators. With the abstract nature of many standards in the high school math curriculum, I can certainly empathize with the sentiment of this question.

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25 Aug: The History of the Indiana STEM Ecosystem & State Funding for STEM

STEM support and initiatives across the state of Indiana have been a top priority over the last 15 years! Through early partnerships between Lilly, IDOE, & Purdue University’s Indiana Science Initiative (ISI), the I-STEM Resource Network was forged.

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18 Aug: EdTech Hidden Gems for Indiana Schools

Finding the right tools to do our jobs as educators more effectively can seem an endless pursuit. For those of us who taught English, it may even be reminiscent of the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland, or make us appear to our administrators like Don Quixote on a mission.

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13 Aug: “Cooking Tips” for the Music Educator

I love to cook. For me, it is so satisfying to create something for the people I love to be able to enjoy and savor. When I cook, I tend to follow a recipe, so I can get just the right flavors and consistency. In looking at this upcoming school year, I have come to realize I follow a few tried and true recipes for teaching music as well.

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Open Middle Math book cover
Robert Kaplinsky
Mindful Schools
Easy Ways to Bring Mindfulness in the Classroom
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Top Teacher Recommended Books for Beginning Readers!
Achieve the Core
A Process to Address Unfinished Learning
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Libby – The Library app
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Theresa Wills: Where There’s a Wills, There’s a Way
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Discovery Library from Flipgrid
Figure This - Math Challenges for Families
Figure This: Math Challenges for Families
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