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25 May: Making the Most of the Minutes

Time is so precious, and summer minutes just fly by! We’ve compiled some words of wisdom from veteran educators about ending the school year well, spending the summer wisely, and starting next year on the right foot.

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20 May: Perspectives from Different Spots on the Journey

Mia & Erin are both passionate educators at different places in their professional journeys. As we all wonder about the future of education, take a moment to pause with them as they consider questions about special education from Jason, an adult with disabilities.

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18 May: Movin’ on Up!

The transition between schools is hard for all kids, and it is especially hard for kids with special needs. In this blog, we will learn why transitions are hard for exceptional learners and how parents and teachers can help them onto the path for a successful and easy transition to a new school.

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16 May: How to Plan for Learning During the Summer

How can I avoid summer learning loss? It’s a question on teachers’ minds as we near the end of the school year. To keep students learning and engaged all year long, it’s important to offer activities and resources over the summer.

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13 May: 4 Tips to Success for Student-run Businesses

Educators know the power in learning from others. What can we learn from student-run business leaders who are further down the path?

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06 May: When Thinking Is Part of the Curriculum

Armed with Peter Liljedahl’s 2021 text Building Thinking Classrooms and the pain and frustration of the social upheaval and pandemic deaths of recent years, I set out to push the boundaries of my abilities to teach math and help students realize more of their true potential. In a whirlwind of change, I departed from the status quo. How did I fare? Did transformation take place?

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04 May: Finding Balance with Media and Tech Use at Home

As the school year wraps up for many students, parents begin thinking about how children will spend their time. While summertime brings sports, sunshine and outdoor fun, it can also come with an abundance of screen time. So how can we, as parents, reflect on the activities our children engage in every week and how much media and technology they consume? This blog will share some great tips to finding an appropriate balance of quality media at home.

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29 Apr: Go Beyond the Reading Level: A Team Approach to RTI

Often special population departments work in isolation when servicing students, meanwhile many of these individuals fall in multiple subgroups. This blog will discuss one school’s success and one district’s journey to bridge the gap between special populations and general education departments. When these groups work together, teams can dig beyond the reading level to target specific skill deficits for readers to quickly reach proficiency.

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