Building Capacity and a Culture of Success for All with Professional Learning Cadres

Building Capacity and a Culture of Success for All with Professional Learning Cadres

Written by: Duke Lines

July 2, 2019

PLConnect strives to empower teachers and educational leaders with impactful professional development. Our professional learning cadres, taught by leaders in education, provide a setting to learn and grow alongside other educators progressing toward a common goal. Our cadres span a variety of topics and there is a relevant cadre for almost all educators. Here is a brief overview of each cadre: Technology Leadership Certification (TLC) is the opportunity for current and aspirational technology leaders to master the skills and knowledge to empower others to use technology and transform student learning through the Future-Ready Framework and ISTE Essential Conditions. Leaders will be empowered to serve in a variety of roles in decision-making, professional learning, mentoring, and modeling of best practices. Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA) is a three-month program that fosters leadership among teachers serving in a variety of roles, including decision-making, professional learning, mentoring, supervising student teachers, and modeling best practices. Through our TLA 2.0 program, teachers are empowered to lead others in current methodology, collaborative skills, peer intervention, and more. Instructional Coaching Cadre is for current or aspiring instructional coaches and teacher leaders across Indiana. This four-day workshop will provide coaching for coaches across a variety of topics such as mindset, cognitive coaching, building capacity in teacher leaders, and innovative practices in teaching and learning. Members of this cadre will specifically study and apply the work of Jim Knight, one of the nation’s foremost leaders in instructional coaching. New Teacher Cadre is for any 1st-, 2nd, or 3rd-year teacher to learn the skills and knowledge to set up you and your students for success. Teachers will be equipped and empowered to teach and learn with best practices in formative assessment, RTI, engagement, depth of knowledge, and teaching in the digital age. PLC Leadership Cadre is for all current or aspirational professional learning community (PLC) leaders, department heads, and administrators. Members will dive into the essential learning for PLCs, best practices in teacher leadership, and how to be student-driven and data-informed every day. This cadre will also dive into the work of John Hattie and his team from Visible Learning and their approach to the PLC process. Expand your skills and knowledge, and sign up today for the PLConnect Cadres.

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  • Duke Lines

    Duke Lines has a wide variety of experiences in the areas of teaching, leading, and learning. Duke has served as a teacher, PLC leader, instructional coach, dean, administrator, and professional learning facilitator. Duke is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at Whiteland Community High School in Whiteland, IN. He has a passion for teaching and learning and has shared at local, state, and national conferences.

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