Go to the Assistant Principal’s Office: A Seismic Shift

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Go to the Assistant Principal’s Office: A Seismic Shift

Written by: Carrie Wisehart

May 22, 2024

“I know you say you love coming to work every day, but do you really mean it?”

A student asked me this question one day while I was making my daily rounds in the hallway. I have been an educator for 25 years. For many years, I never dreamed I would become an administrator. But my love for mentoring teachers, valuing students, and leading schools led me to the last three years as an Assistant Principal – and I have loved every minute! 

As a new leader, I have two primary overarching goals: never forget what it’s like to sit in the seat of a teacher, and change the way students, staff, and the community view the Assistant Principal’s office.

“As a new leader, I have two primary overarching goals: never forget what it’s like to sit in the seat of a teacher, and change the way students, staff, and the community view the Assistant Principal’s office.”

This goal led to the creation of a six episode YouTube series called “Go to the Assistant Principal’s Office: A Seismic Shift,” which explores my journey as I work hard to achieve my goals! 

Each video is 8-10 minutes long (so not much of your time!). A short summary of each video with the included resources is below.  

Oh – and I told that student “ABSOLUTELY!” There is nothing better than the opportunity I get every day to love on our kids. 

Episode 1: Fist Bumps, Lucky Lockers, and “It’s Gonna Be Good” Passes

Making it “fun” and meaningful to visit the Assistant Principal’s Office by rewarding students who are making a difference – but also rewarding kids for absolutely no reason at all! Just because they BELONG and are VALUABLE at our school.

Ways to do this? 

  • Positive Office Referrals – teachers and staff give “fist bumps” to students who make good choices
  • Lucky Locker Cards – put these cards in student lockers for no reason at all – just a reason to come to the office and get candy or a prize!
  • “It’s Gonna Be Good” passes – instead of scaring a student by sending them a pass that looks like all the other disciplinary passes, use this pass to make them excited about coming to the office! 

Fist Bump Template

Lucky Locker Sample

“It’s Gonna Be Good” Passes Template

Episode 2: Look, Listen, Level, and Lean In

Making intentional choices about the process of working with students in the office, how they will be approached, treated, and disciplined. 

Deescalation is extremely important in the office – and listening (even when someone is wrong) is important to the process of helping students (and staff) feel valued and honored. 

The role of Assistant Principal is especially important because you often are there at very crucial points in a student’s life – including expulsion and disciplinary action that affects the outcome of a student’s high school career. Walking this hard journey with kindness and compassion is extremely important! 

Episode 3: Lessons at Lunch Duty

Social Media and the power of posting to create community, creativity, and camaraderie. 

Who knew that I would eventually have 48k followers on TikTok because of my teacher content? Students immediately started following – which created a unique opportunity for me to reach them (and the community) with important content. 

TikTok: @carriewisehart

Link to slides

Episode 4: Curating, Inviting, and Praising 

The role of Assistant Principal is evaluative for teachers – but it should also be a place of opportunity, offering ways for teachers to grow. 

Since I sat in the teacher’s seat for so long, there were some immediate ways I knew I wanted to help by supporting them. One of those ways was to take the time and curate resources that teachers don’t have time to collect themselves. Thus, Motivational Monday was born! 

Each Monday, I send out a slide with curated resources teachers can use or lose. The link below also has links to the past two years of slides, including 2023-2024.

Motivational Monday slides

Episode 5: The Student Market and Care Closet

As an AP, students are in and out of the office every day. When needs are identified, it is important to gather a tribe of people who can help meet those needs! 

The food pantry and care closet we have created at our school are both being used weekly by our student population. It is important to LOOK for needs and do what is necessary to meet the needs of your culture and context. 

Link to slides

Episode 6: Campfire Chats and Book Clubs

As an educational leader, it is important to create space to LISTEN. It is also important to create space for you to interact with employees/colleagues in more informal environments. Thus, I created space through Campfire Chats (informal conversations) and a non-school Book Club to foster relationships with the staff in less risky environments. 

Link to slides

Yes, the office of Assistant Principal can be a hard place to be. Hard conversations happen there. Hard decisions are made there. But more often than not, we can control the way others see that office by creating space for positive interactions and opportunities. I will continue to grow, learn, and stretch myself in this area – isn’t that what education is all about?



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