Keys for Setting the Stage for Real Project Based Learning…Keeping it Simple and Practical

Written by: mjgormans

June 9, 2023
“Project Based Learning (PBL) provides students with wonderful opportunities that allow them to take part in a culture focused on rich activities and experiences.”

What are the Gold Standards I mentioned?

They include the support of key knowledge, understanding, and success skills using the following standards:

  • A Challenging Problem or Question
  • Sustained Inquiry
  • Authenticity
  • Student Voice and Choice
  • Reflection
  • Critique and Revision
  • Public Product

These are the building blocks for a successful PBL. They are also the foundation for building powerful classroom culture, activities, lessons, and everyday student learning. They connect with multiple school initiatives such as Deeper Learning, STEM, Mastery Learning, Blended Classrooms to name a few. I guarantee that as you look at your school’s educational focus, you can see these standards are already part of the many current school initiatives. I believe it is essential for a school and its educators to become immersed in these Gold Standards before building PBL. It allows educators to load the cart with important practices before bringing in the horse.

“PBL is a change in classroom culture and pedagogy.”



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