PBL / Inquiry / Authentic Learning

Students working on an engineering project made of wood.

Building a Curious Classroom

Curiosity is a subtle ingredient in the classroom recipe, but it packs an impactful punch. Ryan shares ideas for mixing it into the classroom blend.

stem summit 2024

Hands-On & Minds-On STEM Summit

A first-of-its-kind in Indiana “unconference” will actively engage participants in the 3 dimensions of the new Indiana Science standards (NGSS) while embracing the “hands-on/minds-on” the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is well-known for.

Close-up of high school girl conducting science experiment

Who lectured to Isaac Newton?

In June of 2022, Indiana adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Some may question why such a change was necessary. In this blog, Dr. Stacy Hootman speaks from her own experience as both a science student and a science teacher. She describes the Three Dimensions of the NGSS, where teachers can turn for resources on both a national and state level, and why this change is necessary for Indiana.