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Notice that as the video is "tracked," the panels on the right automatically populate with numerical and graphical data.

Bringing Real-World Relevance to the Classroom Through “Tracker” Software

Are you having trouble bringing real-world relevance into your classroom? Tracker, a free-use software allows your students to film any physical phenomenon with nearly any device and use that video to pull actual data with regards to nearly any quantity. Students can explore parabolas by filming a ball going through the air, or sinusoidal functions by filming a spring oscillating. The possibilities are nearly endless! In this blog we’ll go through the process of setting up Tracker and how to pull useful data from videos so that you can explore the mathematics behind nearly any scenario!

Jamboard Color Classification example

Content Glow Up with Jamboard – Part 1

Surely you have noticed that students are a lot more apt to do something when it looks “fun.” Honestly, our students lose their attention and motivation when they see a PowerPoint from 2004 or a worksheet from 1999.

young student learning on a computer conference

Global Connections: Before, During and After

You have the perfect lesson for a global connection. You have reached out and found an opportunity that would enrich your students’ depth of knowledge. You want to do things correctly and feel overwhelmed with this new process.

KInL - Technology Based Teaching

Tech Integration on Purpose and With a Purpose

A few years ago, a colleague suggested that I watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, which introduced me to the concept of identifying and communicating your why. To quote Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”