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teacher helping students on their tablets

Two Tools for Supporting English Language Learners

It’s exciting to see a class roster filled with students from many different backgrounds. However, if they are not native English speakers, often we get nervous about how to work through language obstacles. VirtuallyDifferent Coach Sandy Goehring highlights two simple-to-use and powerful tools to assist in the learning process.

student working at an anchor chart

Accelerating Anchor Charts to Assist Learners

Take your anchor charts to the next level. Let’s push beyond just posting “I Can” statements to using a “What, Why, and How” approach. When learning is visible for students it can be more easily accessed and replicated by students. Let’s really anchor the learning!

man working on a laptop looking at stats

Abre: An EdTech Hidden Gem

The edtech landscape has shifted. Again. In the past month, two titans in the game, PowerSchool and Instructure, have rung the bell on Wall Street with the recent announcement of their IPOs.