Tactic Teams

Keep Indiana Learning is a collaborative community, shaped by hundreds of voices from around the state. Our seven key tactic teams meet throughout the school year to assess learning needs and develop action plans to respond in relevant time. We are honored to partner with teachers, school counselors, aspiring building leaders, principals, program directors, social workers, parent liaisons, curriculum and assessment coordinators, assistant superintendents, superintendents, consultants, university professors, and leaders from the Indiana Department of Education. Members of our tactic teams serve as key connectors and content creators for our shared learning environment. And, our tactic teams are ever-evolving and changing to meet the needs of Indiana educators, students, and families.

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Meet Our Tactic Teams

To support student service professionals across the state, this team is focused on providing quality learning opportunities regarding MTMDSS, systems for comprehensive school counseling development, leadership development, and advocacy. Sponsored by Counselor Connect, this team are school counselors, social workers, program directors, consultants, and central office leadership.

  • Rachel Bauer – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Lizette Baumann – Co-Chair  |  Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Sam Vidal – Co-Chair  |  Zionsville Middle School
  • Dr. Nick Abel  |  Butler University
  • Michelle Clarke  |  Indiana Department of Education
  • John Dizney  |  Speedway Schools
  • Kelly Dunn  |  IUPUI
  • Ericka Gayle  |  MSD of Decatur Township
  • Megan Lewis  |  Lebanon High School
  • Kathy Luessow  |  Perry Township Schools
  • Karen Moffett  |  Chesterton High School
  • Dana Nelson  |  Noblesville Schools
  • Angie Ness  |  Northridge Middle School
  • Cathy Patane  |  Zionsville High School
  • Jessica Sullivan  |  Fall Creek Intermediate School
  • Jenny Thixton-Stoffer  |  Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Determining what’s essential–for learning–for all–is critically important. This team works to create and connect us to learning around quality formative assessment, depth of knowledge, early reading support, and equity and bias in curriculum and assessment. Comprised of teachers, building leaders, central office leadership, as well as educational consultants, this team supports students and teachers from across the state.

  • Carrie Rosebrock – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Lena Darnay – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Anna Cook – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Kari Ottinger – Co-Chair  |  Lebanon
  • Brian Dinwiddie |  Southern Hancock
  • Michael Gath |  MSD Decatur Township
  • Dr. Michelle Grewe |  NIESC
  • Misty Hall |  Mt. Vernon
  • Sarah Henry |  Brownsburg
  • Darlene Kennedy |  NIESC
  • Jennifer Luce |  Hamilton Heights
  • Whitney Luther |  Washington Township
  • Diane Pike |  St. Mary’s Child Center
  • Tina Seymour |  Strategic Learning Solutions
  • Marcy Szostak |  Center Grove
  • Anthony Tharp |  North Montgomery Schools

This tactic team is in development. If you would like to join the D, E, & I Tactic Team please reach out to Lena Darnay, ldarnay@ciesc.org.

Engaging, relevant, focused instruction in all learning environments is a top goal of this team. This team consists of teachers, building leaders, consultants, IDOE leaders, and representatives from higher education institutions. Their goal is to equip all educators with meaningful professional development opportunities that directly impact learning in the classroom.

  • Laurie Ferry – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Jennifer Jensen – Co-Chair  |  IDOE
  • Tara Bishop  |  Perry Central School District
  • Rick Doss  |  MSD Washington Township Schools
  • Courtney Flessner  |  Partnership for Inquiry Learning
  • April Harper  |  Five Star
  • Stephanie Hofer  |  MSD Decatur Township
  • Stephany Lemenager   |  Frontier School District
  • Duke Lines  |  Clark Pleasant Schools
  • Brian Lovell  |  Clark Pleasant Schools
  • Erin Mohr  |  Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Bethany Newson  |  Lebanon Community Schools
  • Abbie Redmon  |  Warrick County Schools
  • Sara Reeves  |  Marion University
  • Deb Snedden  |  Hanover Schools
  • Ryan Steuer  |  Magnify Learning
  • Christy Swartentruber  |  Warsaw Community Schools
  • Whitney Wilowski  |  Perry Township Schools
  • Jessica Zepik  |  South Madison Community Schools
  • Dr. Gaoming Zhang |  University of Indianapolis

From a focus on equity and inclusion to operational and instructional leadership, this team works to determine, create, and connect leaders to high-quality, relevant learning opportunities. This team consists of building level leaders, central office leadership, as well as leaders in higher education.

  • Dr. Christy Hilton – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Dr. Kelly Andrews – Co-Chair  |  IPLI
  • Dr. Nicole Chrisley |  Zionsville High School
  • Matt Clifford |  Greensburg Jr. High School
  • Jeremy Coleman |  Brookeville Elementary, Warren Township
  • Dr. Brent Comer |  Mitchell Community Schools
  • Dr. Bret Daghe |  Brownsburg H.S.
  • Rebecca Estes |  IDOE
  • Dr. Rachel Geesa |  Ball State University
  • Dr. Don Harman  |  NIESC/NWIESC
  • Dr. David Hoffert |  Warsaw Schools
  • Richard “Rusty” King  |  West Central Education Center
  • Dr. Christopher Lagoni |  Indiana Small & Rural Schools Association
  • Katie Lash  |  East Central Ed Service Center
  • Dr. David Marcotte |  Indiana Urban Schools
  • Michi McClain |  Regional Opportunities, Initiatives, Inc.
  • Dr. Danny Mendez |  Seymour Middle School
  • Dr. Rhonda Roos |  Former Asst. Supt. for New Albany Schools
  • Dr. Robert Taylor  |  IAPSS
  • Dr. Josh Wenning  |  Region 8 Ed Service Center
  • Scott Bogan | Indiana Department of Education

Preparing for life after high school is a necessary step for all Indiana students. With support, guidance, and programmatic structures in place, all students can and should have a path after graduation. Created by Counselor Connect, this team consists of school counselors, program directors, and district coordinators. This team focuses on college and career readiness (K-12) and employability skills.

  • Dr. Andrew Melin – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Allen Hill – Co-Chair  |  ISCA/JR Phalen Leadership Academy
  • Laura Butgereit  |  MSD Warren Township
  • Ben Carter  |  Ivy Tech Community College
  • Dr. Chris Duzenbery  |  MSD Decatur Township
  • Jason Graves  |  Indiana Office of WBL & Apprenticeship
  • Allyse Gruss  |  West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School
  • Kim Hendrick  |  Indiana Online
  • Julie Hill  |  Western Boone Jr./Sr. High School
  • Flora Jones  |  IPS
  • Lee Larkins  |  Mt. Vernon High School
  • Jayne Mertz  |  Wooden Middle School
  • Stacey Monnett  |  Mill Creek CSC
  • Ryan Preci  |  Evansville Harrison H.S.
  • Kristen Scott  |  Lebanon Community School Corporation
  • Joanie Strader  |  Monrovia High School
  • Laura Tucker  |   Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning
  • B.J. Watt  |  Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Trauma-responsive practices, restoration, adult, classroom, and district-wide SEL are just some of the areas of focus for this tactic team. Created by Counselor Connect, members include school counselors, social workers, directors of guidance, program coordinators, principals, consultants, and central office leadership. Their goal is to provide relevant, timely social-emotional learning support across the state.

  • Amanda Culhan – Co-Chair  |  Consultant
  • Kim Kile – Co-Chair  |  Greenfield-Central High School
  • Brooke Lawson – Co-Chair  |  Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Christine Balak  |  CIESC
  • Kenna Frink  |  Southwest Elementary School
  • Sara Knoop  |  Carmel High School
  • Stephanie Kozuch  |  Clinton Prairie Elementary School
  • Jennifer Lightcap |  Indiana Department of Education
  • Stephanie Manning  |  Van Buren Elementary School
  • Kyle Miller |  Westfield Washington Schools
  • Jen Money-Brady  |  Indiana Wesleyan/ISCA
  • Angie Ness  |  Elkhart Community Schools
  • Connie Poston |  Clark Pleasant Community School Corporation
  • Kimberly Spurling  |  Franklin Community Schools
  • Mike Taylor  |  Pendleton Heights High School
  • Krista Weber  |  Fortville Elementary School
  • Michele Whaley  |  Noblesville Schools/INSSWA
  • Stephanie Whiteside  |  Carmel Clay Schools
  • Christy Berger | Center Grove Community School Corporation

With a focus on advocacy, support, and communication, this tactic team works to ensure family and students’ needs are met and voices are heard throughout the state of Indiana. Created by Counselor Connect, this team consists of school counselors, specialists, central office leadership, directors of higher education institutions, and community organizations focused on working with students.

  • Dawn Meadows – Co-Chair  |  CIESC
  • Sandy Hillman – Co-Chair  |  CELL
  • Dr. Steve Bair  |  Beech Grove City Schools
  • Trenton Borom  |  Speedway High School
  • Mary Brabson  |  Indiana Online/CIESC
  • Brooke Brooks  |  Fall Creek Junior High
  • Sarah Bunner  |  FSSA
  • Jessica Cantlon  |  Hamilton Heights Middle School
  • Laura Ebbens  |  MSD Pike Township
  • Kevin Enders  |  Indiana Youth Institute
  • Nicole Faulkner  |  MSD Pike Township
  • Judy Garcia  |  Avon High School
  • Ashley Knott  | Westfield Washington Schools Parent University
  • Lisa Laug  |  Greenwood Community School Corporation
  • Cindy McKinney  |  Region 8 ESC
  • Joseph Moheban  |  220 Leadership
  • Tricia Rudy  |  Hamilton Heights Elementary
  • Angela Talarzyk | Center Grove Community School Corporation
  • Tracy Butler | University of Indianapolis

Keep Indiana Learning is always looking to expand our collaboration network of educators, student service professionals, leaders, community partners and families.  If you are interested in learning more about joining one of our Tactic Teams please contact us.

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