We’ll Be Greater than All their Powers Combined

We’ll Be Greater than All their Powers Combined

Written by: Bridgett Nelson

January 12, 2024

I tried not to panic as the deadline of this article approached. I prefer to write from inspiration and experience but if I’m being honest, lately I haven’t been feeling very inspired. Working in education is the wildest collision of emotions; it’s just as inspiring as it is exhausting. There are plenty of professions that drive people to say “I could never do your job,” and I’m certain being a teacher is up there in the top five. I cannot say that for a fact, but I hear that phrase from people all the time when I share what my job is. It doesn’t offend me though; this profession is not for everyone. Yes, it’s tough, but not as tough as the people that willfully do it. This article’s inspiration is dedicated to those who truly inspire me, the people that “get me,” the people who I share that sacred educator’s bond with. My favorite people in the world, the teachers.

“This article’s inspiration is dedicated to those who truly inspire me, the people that “get me,” the people who I share that sacred educator’s bond with. My favorite people in the world, the teachers.”

I know you’re aware of how remarkable teachers are. They work their unmatched magic daily. Showing patience, love, discipline, and understanding to 28+ kiddos five days a week, taking their students’ stress, emotions, grades, conflicts, lesson plans, issues, ups and downs home with them each day along with lesson plans, and a ton of kid level germs (which happen to be the highest level of germ one can attain). I can go into detail about how amazing they are as teachers, but as an educator you tend to have a friend group made up of about 75% educators. I’m here to tell you that when the school bell rings and we’re “off the clock” (Hahahahahahaha, right? Teachers off the clock… That one’s funny) we’re some of the most fun, compassionate, energetic, organized, diverse group of people you’ve ever met. We all have teachers in our lives, and can vouch for how great they can be beyond the classroom. When you work in the right environment, teachers become your second family. These are the people who I have spent snow days snuggling on the couch in sweats watching movies with, or blasting your music in the classroom and having miniature dance parties when there’s a long break and the kids have left the building and you’re finally free, or the same people that stop what they’re doing to drive out to the middle of nowhere to help you with your flat tires. Did you know that teachers throw the absolute best parties? Fun fact, we do. Don’t look for the data though, we keep that part quiet, you’d have to get an invite to know.

Student and teacher working on a lesson together.
Photo from Wonderlane on Unsplash

As someone that has worked at plenty of schools (seven schools to be exact), it’s comical how schools somehow seem to collect the same wonderful categories of teachers. You have the teacher that has been there for decades, the one that knows all the students and families and has taught generations of students. You have the fresh out of college, bright eyed, rookie teachers who are eager and energetic and full of fun ideas. You have the teacher involved in everything in and out of the schools and the community. You have the teacher that everyone sends their kiddos to when their behavior is off, that has that magical management that gets them back on track. You have the color, vibrant teacher that works overtime to keep the teachers together as a unit and plans the off duty outings, the gifts for birthdays, and all the school spirit events. You have the teacher that all students adore and at any moment they can take the opportunity to talk to them (across grade levels). 

Another love of mine, aside from education, is movies. As a primary teacher at heart who loves working with the little ones, it’s important for me to also stay up to date on the most recent fads and that includes the movies. Oh, who am I kidding, I watch these purely for my own enjoyment. Disney’s Wish came out recently, and because “representation” is one of my favorite words, I had to see a Disney character who rocks braids like I do. Let me explain how this correlates to how teachers inspire me. In this movie, our main character Asha discovers that the ruler of their kingdom was intentionally refusing to grant any wishes that he feared would challenge his own power. Wishes as simple and beautiful as inspiring a generation were seen as too broad and possibly dangerous to the kingdom. When Asha learns this, she wishes upon a star for more for her people. The star comes to her and quickly helps her see that she has plenty of power within herself and so does everyone else. With her newfound knowledge she tries to convince the rest of the town to open their hearts and wish for more. I felt this. The lyrics to This Wish (Reprise) voice it perfectly

“We’ve had generations of expectations, 
wondering why and wondering when. 
We’re past dipping our toes in, 
we know it’s do or die,
it’s sink or swim,
we were all confusing your promises for protection, 
but we know what we’ve got to do. 
Hope unchanging… 
So I look out at the stars just like me, 
and throw caution to every warning sign.”

“We don’t have to lose our spirits, not if we know that they need us.”

That’s my wish for all the teachers out there. That you realize how much power you have within you. That you recognize that this place would crumble without the work we do. What you do is so crucial. Your ideas on how we can improve this broken system are brilliant, and they have so much power too. We don’t have to lose our spirits, not if we know that they need us. Don’t let those in power making things more difficult steal your wishes. “So I make this wish, to have something more for us than this.”



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  • Bridgett Nelson

    I'm a passionate inner-city primary level educator. I know the significance of having a great foundation at the primary level to ensure more success when students reach the testing grades. I am phenomenal at what I do, not only do I have the scores to back it up, but I have the close relationships with my students, their families, and my colleagues that's necessary for education.

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