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Two Tools for Supporting English Language Learners

It’s exciting to see a class roster filled with students from many different backgrounds. However, if they are not native English speakers, often we get nervous about how to work through language obstacles. VirtuallyDifferent Coach Sandy Goehring highlights two simple-to-use and powerful tools to assist in the learning process.

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Content Glow Up with Jamboard – Part 1

Surely you have noticed that students are a lot more apt to do something when it looks “fun.” Honestly, our students lose their attention and motivation when they see a PowerPoint from 2004 or a worksheet from 1999.

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Abre: An EdTech Hidden Gem

The edtech landscape has shifted. Again. In the past month, two titans in the game, PowerSchool and Instructure, have rung the bell on Wall Street with the recent announcement of their IPOs.

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EdTech Hidden Gems for Indiana Schools

Finding the right tools to do our jobs as educators more effectively can seem an endless pursuit. For those of us who taught English, it may even be reminiscent of the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland, or make us appear to our administrators like Don Quixote on a mission.

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Healthy Tech Habits for Post-COVID Teaching

When we all went digital overnight we started seeing free offers from every technology platform and company. Teachers started getting inundated with every type of tool you could possibly use on a device—apps, sites, widgets, and gadgets…oh my!