Join Tanika Kinartail as she welcomes Rob Wessman, founder of Koru Strategy, to the Keep Indiana Learning Studio to talk about self-assessment strategies for school and district teams. Keep Indiana Learning has a long partnership with Koru to work with teams around the state of Indiana as they align their goals and vision, work collaboratively to support teachers and students, and learn new practices to find efficiencies and synergy!

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In 2014, Dr. Wessman founded Koru with a desire to facilitate deep and meaningful change in school systems through teaming, evidence, and transformationallearning. He serves as an executive coach, strategist, critical friend, lead facilitator, instructional designer, coach, and mentor across a diverse portfolio of projects, ensuring each partner meets shared goals for improvement. Dr. Wessman spent 9 years as a teacher, school leader, and transformation specialist in Utah prior to earning a doctor of education leadership at HGSE. He is a Data Wise Certified Coach and mentor.