Join Tim for a live edition of the Home Grown Podcast. Tim will be talking with Caitlin Krause, author of Mindful by Design and Designing Wonder. They will discuss mindfulness in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.

Caitlin Krause focuses on the intersection of technology, innovation and wellbeing, and founded the studio and consultancy MindWise in 2015. She teaches about the subject at Stanford University and is the Director of Community and Business Development at the Virtual World Society. Caitlin has advised global organizations including Google, Facebook, Oracle, TED, Evernote, University of San Francisco, ETH Zürich and the U.S. State Department. In September of 2020 she released the book Designing Wonder: Leading Transformative Experiences in VR. She authored The Importance of Presence and The Art of Storytelling in VR as part of the XR Collaboration Global Resource Guide. Caitlin has created and run numerous collaborative experiences in social XR, fusing presence, mindfulness, storytelling, curiosity and emotional intelligence. She is also a writer and designer for digital therapeutic applications that incorporate haptics and biofeedback. After two decades of teaching and leadership experience, she authored Mindful By Design (Corwin Press, 2019) helping individuals and teams navigate complexity and change, prioritizing mindful wellbeing, design and imagination.

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