In this episode, Ryan Flessner, my husband and fellow math educator and colleague, joins me as we share our journeys to becoming math people and having entire careers around math. We talk about how Ryan wooed me by making number sentences out of the time on the clock in the car, how he supported me in truly figuring out how in the world to teach math to my students, and how even when your experience with math as a young person was pretty horrible, you can still learn to love math!

The math in this episode includes stories from our classrooms and lives where we played with numbers, how we talked to our students about math, and how math became a part of our lives (and if I’m to be totally honest, our children’s lives too!) The other things in this episode are anecdotes about being willing to try new things, opening our minds to understanding not everyone thinks as we do, taking risks, the importance of having a critical friend, and a lot of vulnerability. Without these other things in place, neither one of us would be the math educators we are today. Here we go! Our first episode!

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