Reporting from NCTM 2023 In Washington D.C.

October 26, 2023



In this episode, my partner in life and work, Ryan Flessner and I recap some of our highlights of NCTM 2023 so far. We don’t talk about actual math a lot (although there has been a LOT of conversation about math!) We did, however, talk about lots of other things that are important and impact the teaching and learning of mathematics in our schools. Thoughts that come up:

  • Appreciating the time to be together and collaborate with others that you don’t work with on a regular basis and the power of having a mix of people in the room from whom you can learn.
  • How you get to hear from someone that has a big name or big social media presence, but in the audience, you hear about how that connects to the work that’s actually happening in schools.
  • How fun Game Night was to be a part of this year.
  • The fact there are so many great resources out there backed by decades of research, and it’s important to know what they are and how they can help you.
  • What it means to Create, Inspire, and Execute.
  • It’s important to find your people and learn and grow with them.



















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