Explore Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Explore Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

With educational standards and curricula changing nearly every school year, ongoing, job-embedded professional development for educators is a must. At Keep Indiana Learning, we aim to support educational leaders and instructors at every point of need with our professional development resources. Our community creates a space where educators can connect and learn from their peers as well as state and national experts. It’s a learning experience by Indiana educators, for Indiana educators.

In the current age of technology, there is a common debate between virtual and in-person preferences for professional learning. While some find face-to-face learning to be more effective, others prefer the convenience and peaceful concentration that comes with virtual learning. Fortunately, Keep Indiana Learning offers both in-person and virtual professional development opportunities throughout the year to serve educators and transform the landscape of education for the better.

The Benefits of In-Person Professional Development 

The Cadre Approach to Professional Development

Finding “strength in numbers” is especially true for educators. Keep Indiana Learning hosts a variety of cadres led by subject matter experts to provide educators with the resources they need to grow. We accomplish this with guidance from our Tactic Teams, Expert Networks, Connect Networks, and creative contributions from state and national educators, practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders. With these subject matter experts giving us frequent feedback, the Keep Indiana Learning team continuously works to improve our offerings.

Through this cadre model, we bring together education professionals (teachers, administrators, learning coaches, subject matter experts, etc.) from across the state to share their expertise, test out new instructional methods, and report on their most effective findings. One of the most valuable benefits of the cadre approach to professional development is the lasting personal connection. Participants have the opportunity to network with other professionals in their respective fields and share their experiences with one another about what’s working and what’s not. Plus, we offer structured in-person activities that prompt participants to dig deeper into their approach. 

Professional Development for Educational Coaches

Keep Indiana Learning hosts collaborative coaching events throughout the school year—designed for new and experienced coaches looking to grow in their foundational coaching practices. This includes Instructional Coaches, Technology Coaches, Department Chairs, Mentor Teachers, Curriculum Coordinators, and other leaders who provide coaching cycles in their building and/or district.

Both virtual and in-person options for engagement are available throughout the year. Each session is designed to support coaches in continuing to grow in their practice and coaching dispositions. All sessions include professional learning as well as time designated for collaboration between coaches.

Signature Summer Event for Educators Nationwide

Keep Indiana Learning hosts an annual signature summer event to assist educators in their professional growth, just in time for school to start in the fall. In 2023, we hosted the first-ever Building Thinking Classrooms Conference featuring author Peter Liljedahl.

In 2024, we’re excited to host MidCon, a first-of-its-kind conference designed specifically for middle school teachers, student services professionals, and administrators from across the country! The signature summer events are a perfect opportunity to realign your practice and spark new ideas prior to the beginning of the school year.

Check out our monthly calendar for upcoming events.

Engage in Virtual Opportunities 

We understand how virtual professional development for educators can be just as valuable as in-person opportunities. Keep Indiana Learning also offers many virtual learning opportunities for educators, which they can access at any time for their convenience! 

Our Digital Content Library features blogs on a wide array of content areas, instructional strategies, and thought pieces from Indiana Educators and our Keep Indiana Learning specialists. We also offer online professional development courses that educators can explore to expand their knowledge around instructional strategies like project-based learning, artificial intelligence, and critical thinking. The major benefit to these asynchronous, “on your own time” online courses is that they offer flexibility for those with tight schedules (many of whom are educators). Additionally, we offer live virtual events hosted by various subject matter experts covering topics from public relations to counseling to literacy. 

Keep Indiana Learning is a Title IIA Technical Assistance Partner

As an approved Title IIA technical assistance partner by the Indiana Department of Education, Keep Indiana Learning is dedicated to fostering high-quality education and professional development across Indiana. We specifically focus on the selected priority areas:

  1. Novice Teacher and Principal Induction and Mentorship
  2. Meaningful Evaluation and Support
  3. Strong Teacher Leadership
  4. Supporting a Diverse Educator Workforce Across the Career Continuum

Keep Indiana Learning Is Your Partner in Education

The landscape of education is changing. Now, more than ever, our collective teacher voice needs to be used and heard. If you’re looking for additional resources, professional development opportunities, or general instruction support, you can connect with us here.


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