Speaker Proposal Application

We are so excited to open the Call for Proposals for the Building Thinking Classrooms Conference! 

The Building Thinking Classrooms Conference is designed to highlight the 14 optimal practices that comprise a thinking classroom. Additionally, the Building Thinking Classrooms Framework has been developed to help teachers fully understand the best way to cluster the 14 Practices into a logical and realistic order of implementation. These groupings are referred to as toolkits, and are vital to understand how to make your classroom a thinking classroom.

We are looking for any and all presentations that relate to:

  • The 14 Practices
  • Toolkit implementation
  • The role of coaches and administrators, etc. 
  • The Impact of Building Thinking Classrooms in schools.
  • Helping Families and Other Stakeholders Understand the Thinking Classroom
  • How Building Thinking Classrooms promotes equitable teaching practices

While Building Thinking Classrooms was designed around the teaching and learning of mathematics, we recognize teachers of other content areas might be implementing components of a thinking classroom too. We encourage you to apply as well!

Benefits of being a speaker at the Building Thinking Classrooms Conference:

  • Free registration to the two-day conference (lead presenter only)
  • Dinner with Peter Liljedahl, his team, other facilitators and invited guests, on June 29 (the night of the first day)

Proposals are due by March 15, 2023!

If you have any questions about your proposal contact Courtney Flessner at cflessner@ciesc.org.

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