Why Every Teacher Benefits from Professional Development

Why Every Teacher Benefits from Professional Development

Written by: Keep Indiana Learning

February 13, 2023

Keep Indiana Learning is proud to offer a plethora of professional development opportunities for educators both inside and outside of Indiana. Whether you have decades of experience or are just emerging into your profession, educator professional development is always applicable when working in an ever-changing academic, social, and political environment. That’s why an investment in professional development is an investment in your growth as an educator. Precisely, how important is professional development in education? We know each year, the standards of learning and curriculum change as generations of students evolve—so why should teachers stick to the same methods year after year? Regardless of where your subject area of expertise lies, there is always room for improvement and additional exploration in your approach to teaching. Teaching is one of the few professions that allow us to assume the role of both the teacher and the student. Each day, our students teach us something new in how they ask questions, solve problems, and apply critical thinking. We have the pleasure of teaching them new concepts, providing them with guidance, and observing how they process each lesson. To continually foster the growth of our students, we must challenge ourselves to create new ways to boost engagement and excitement. At Keep Indiana Learning, we’re dedicated to helping Indiana teachers create an authentic learning experience that is memorable and exceptional for all students. In addition to resources in the classroom, we provide a wealth of professional development materials you can take advantage of whenever, wherever. When you invest your time in effective teacher professional development now, you will be helping future generations of students for years to come. Specifically, those who work in early childhood education or elementary education know their pupils absorb information like a sponge. Let’s say that you have multi-language learners in your classroom, you must ensure you create an inclusive environment which honors their community, families, and experiences. This skill isn’t mastered overnight, but professional development sessions can accelerate your path to mastery. Keep Indiana Learning provides specialized professional development for early childhood educators, so you can receive extra support for teaching the most impressionable minds of society. One of the most immersive tools we provide is teacher professional development workshops. Many of these workshops are a free opportunity to meet other seasoned professionals in the field and ask those burning questions that everyone is thinking about. Topics covered can range from leadership to public relations to certifications and teacher training essentials, you can explore all your options at our upcoming events here. Stay up to date with every opportunity when you subscribe to our newsletter! You don’t want to miss out on event announcements, like our Building Thinking Classrooms Conference—featuring Peter Liljedahl and our #VirtuallyDifferent Summer Conference (coming soon)! Pssst! Hungry for more? Check out our free education professional development resources, including our Engagement Center, YouTube channel, and professional development archives.



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