World Read Aloud Day 2022 – The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson – Read by Martie Hoofer

Contributed by: Martie Hoofer

January 29, 2022

Election fraud. Scorned loves. Inside deals. All in the halls of Maplewood Middle School! Can Jackson Greene lead his crew of “talented troublemakers” to save the student body presidential election? Middle school students will love the pace & plot of Varian Johnson’s mystery & adventure novel. Read to you by Martie Hoofer. Martie is the content manager for Keep Indiana Learning. Prior to coming to CIESC, she taught middle school reading and writing for 11 years.


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  • Martie Hoofer

    Martie Hoofer is a 7th grade reading and writing teacher for the MSD of Pike Township in Indianapolis. She is in her 11th year of teaching middle school. Prior to that, she was a trainer for 12 years for USA Group and Sallie Mae. Her hobbies include traveling and reading. She has a goal to see all 50 states... 39 down... 10 to go!