UDL & the 5 E’s of Digital Learning: Engagement

UDL & the 5 E’s of Digital Learning: Engagement

Written by: Laura Christie

January 22, 2021

If you are like me, you are always concerned with truly captivating learners. Educators thrive when the light bulb moments occur, when students spring into action, and when students have their own curiosity bubbling in the classroom. How do we set the tone so that these wonderful classroom moments can occur more often?

Universal Design for Learning and the 5E’s of Digital Learning help to set the tone for engagement in the classroom. Are you willing to journey with me into ideas for your students? Below you will discover interactive professional development to help you engage learners. There are video and technology tips for 360° VR videos, Thinglink, Quizlet, Prezi, and interactive websites. Plus, example lessons are linked for content on Canvas Commons.

Take a risk!  Engage!



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  • Laura Christie

    Laura Christie is an educator in her 21st year who desires to see all kids engaged in classrooms where learning allows for variabilities and student agency. She believes in developing bonds with students and helping them find their passion. Laura has presented at IACTE on Student Led Passion Projects. She holds credentials in UDL, Universal Design for Learning, and uses the UDL guidelines to guide instruction. Her passion is curriculum with technology integration and helping lead educators to grow in their craft. Currently, Laura serves as the ELA RtI Coordinator in her school and the Data Analytics Committee at the district level. In 2020, Laura is a IU Jacobs Educator recipient to help support technology integration in Indiana. Laura’s background is in Elementary Education with a Special Education minor from Ball State University. Additionally, Laura obtained a Masters in Educational Administration at Butler University, EPPSP, while teaching 5th Grade Humanities at Sand Creek Intermediate in Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

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