School & Community Leadership


24 Nov: State Update: Graduation Pathways Requirements, CTE Concentrator/Postsecondary Readiness Competency

Indiana school districts must make sure all seniors are meeting the state’s Graduation Pathway requirements in order to graduate. Although districts are familiar with this expectation, it is always beneficial for school counselors and administrators to be aware of any updates or best practices. One of the greatest challenges for all to understand is the CTE Concentrator Postsecondary Ready Competency option. This one-hour presentation will provide participants with the latest on Graduation Pathways from School Counseling Specialist Michelle Clarke as well as significant clarification on the CTE Postsecondary Ready Competency option from Assistant Director of CTE: Programming Tony Harl.

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24 Nov: Assessing Teacher Effectiveness in a Hybrid/Virtual Classroom

Effective teaching is effective teaching, no matter where it occurs. But how do we assess and support our teachers in a hybrid and/or virtual classroom? This session will provide examples of best practices in the hybrid/virtual classroom as well as tips and tools for administrators, instructional coaches, department chairs to assess and support their teachers.