People pointing at a computer screen.

Tilting at Windmills

Authentic Learning. Responsibility. Reflection. All are components teachers would love to integrate into more lessons. Beth Benedix shares her journey (and resources) for doing just that!

Two high school students discuss their research topics together.

Focusing on Growth over Grades

GPA. Class rank. College honors admission. How do we help students change the narrative and focus on growth over grades? Ashley Johnson shares ideas from her northern Indiana high school classroom.

Teacher and student working on a project together.

The Art of Pivot

There are countless non-profit organizations which support students with programming just outside of the school’s traditional scope. Beth Benedix provides a peek behind the curtain of a Hoosier non-profit.

Students working on an engineering project made of wood.

Building a Curious Classroom

Curiosity is a subtle ingredient in the classroom recipe, but it packs an impactful punch. Ryan shares ideas for mixing it into the classroom blend.