In this episode of the Home Grown Podcast by Keep Indiana Learning, hosts Lena Darnay and Courtney Flessner examine how a relationship with Teaching is like a Rom-Com. From the unexpected love interest, to the meddlesome parent, a true love story with Teaching can feel like a mix of comedy, drama, and, hopefully, a happily ever after!

We will also hear from two amazing Indiana Educators, Tammy Meyers and Samantha Mitchell, who are keeping the love alive in their schools and classrooms.

Tammy Meyers is a lifelong Hoosier, having grown up in Johnson County and now living in Montgomery County where she works as a special education teacher. Tammy holds an M.Ed. and is completing an Ed.S. and Director of Exceptional Needs license through Indiana State University. Her strengths are student engagement, data analysis, and reading intervention. Her weaknesses are metric system conversions, eating a healthy lunch, and remembering in which classroom she left her coffee mug.

Samantha Mitchell is an Elementary Instructional Coach in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. In her 10 years of education, Samantha has taught kindergarten, 2/3 high ability, 4th grade, and 4/5 high ability. She has also been a district-wide technology coach. Samantha received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Saint Joseph’s College and earned her Master’s in School Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has a passion for igniting the curiosity of all learners through technology, innovation, and room transformations. You can find her on Twitter at @MsMitchell04 or Instagram @icoachk5.

Episode Transcription: