Opening Doors to Find Opportunities

Opening Doors to Find Opportunities

Written by: Exploradoor Team

March 29, 2024

“What do you want to do with your life?”

The age-old question that people love to ask, yet hate to answer. Finding your purpose, meaning, or “calling” in life has never been easy, and that rings true with students today.

In 2022, YouScience¹, a provider of career aptitude tests for students, conducted a survey on 500 high schoolers and graduates regarding their attitudes on future planning and career goals. The study found that one third of students did not have any planned educational or career path in mind, and nearly 40% of high school graduates – irrespective of their current education or career – are still uncertain of what they want to do. Whether we like it or not, the decisions made during and after high school (and even before!) shape the trajectory for our lives, so how can we aid students in the tumultuous journey of finding their vocation?

“Whether we like it or not, the decisions made during and after high school (and even before!) shape the trajectory for our lives, so how can we aid students in the tumultuous journey of finding their vocation?”

Understanding the various challenges that come with launching students into their next phase, in 2020 we launched Exploradoor, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between career/educational opportunities and Indiana youth, particularly those who come from underprivileged backgrounds. Exploradoor is a free online resource available to all students, with a particular focus on opportunities based in Indiana. With 100+ programs in 25+ categories available, we offer a diverse array of experiences for students to choose from.

We are aware of the difficulties educators face in inspiring students to take that next step, and our ultimate goal – in addition to helping students directly – is to make your lives easier, and provide a simple tool to help get your students started.

How Does Exploradoor Work?

When you go to Exploradoor.com, you are immediately brought into a landing page showcasing a list of opportunities for students to apply to. These opportunities – called “doors” – are updated on a rolling-basis, with new doors being opened throughout the year.

Once you click on a Door of interest, you can see a detailed description of the opportunity, as well as information regarding the location, any eligibility requirements, start/end dates, application deadlines, and more. When you have confirmed that you are interested in the program, you simply click the green button on the bottom of the Door page that says “Yes, I want to know more. Please contact me.”

You/your student will enter the required information, and will receive an email with an application link to the program. From there, the student simply needs to click the link provided and fill out the application. That’s it!

By using Exploradoor, you and your students get free access to a plethora of incredible Indiana-based opportunities, right at your fingertips! Download our free-to-use flyer for hand-outs or informative purposes. QR Code included.

Who Can Use Exploradoor?

Exploradoor provides programs for students ranging from middle-schoolers to undergraduates, with a heavy emphasis on 14-19 year olds. Exploradoor is also accessible to all parents, educators, or counselors that would like to explore opportunities on behalf of their students.

What Kinds of Opportunities Are Offered?

Exploradoor offers access to opportunities ranging from internships and job shadows, to scholarships and workshops. 

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Many doors give students direct experience within specific industries and career paths. Eskenazi Health’s “VolunTEEN” program, for example, gives students the unique opportunity of shadowing healthcare professionals, giving them a day-in-the-life demonstration of various career paths in the healthcare sector.

In addition to careers requiring traditional four-year degrees, we also offer doors that focus on skilled trades and other career options, such as the IKORCC Apprenticeship program, a four-year program giving students the opportunity to earn a living wage while kicking off a career as a carpenter, millwright, pile driver, or floor coverer.

There are also programs dedicated to students from certain underrepresented backgrounds. La Plaza’s “Tu Futuro” program, for example, provides educational and career support for Latino high school students, ensuring they ultimately enroll in college upon high school graduation. Students can also access the BDPA Student IT and Scholarships program, a free opportunity particularly focused at Black/African American students interested in technology.

Another program provider, Foster Success, offers paid programs directed at students in foster care, providing workforce and academic guidance and investing in their long-term success.

These are just some of the many programs offered on Exploradoor.com, and we are excited to share this free resource with you, to make your lives easier, and simplify those of your students!

Get Started!

DOWNLOAD OUR FREE FLYER to show your students and parents to inform them about this service.

Visit our website at www.exploradoor.com and share with students and families. There is no cost to use.

We encourage teachers, counselors and other intermediaries to SUBSCRIBE using the subscribe page. There is also no cost to subscribe. Subscribers receive occasional alerts about new program additions or open application periods. We do not sell or share our subscriber list.

Finally, SHARE the platform with your students and parents.

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¹ YouScience Study


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  • Exploradoor Team

    Diane Cruz-Burke and Caroline Abeleda are co-founders of Exploradoor Inc, an Indiana non-profit championing equitable access to career and skill development for teens, particularly from marginalized communities. Cruz-Burke, a former Eli Lilly executive and advocate for diversity, brings a legal background and extensive community service experience. Abeleda, with a strong track record in sales and marketing at Eli Lilly, and roles in healthcare and digital startups, is passionate about mentoring and developing talent. Together, they leverage their corporate leadership and commitment to social entrepreneurship to empower future generations

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