Drumroll Please…. The Top 15 Blogs of 2023!

Drumroll Please…. The Top 15 Blogs of 2023!

Written by: Keep Indiana Learning

February 16, 2024

Since the first blog appeared in the early 90’s, readers have grown to love how they connect passionate people sharing stories and resources with anyone anywhere with an internet connection.

Keep Indiana Learning publishes almost 100 blogs each year, and we’ve published over 320 in our Digital Content Library since the fall of 2020! These blogs give educators, counselors, and administrators from across the state a place to share ideas, strategies, and information with other educators. During 2023, the top 15 blogs on our site were viewed 18,943 times by 6,767 users! 

 “During 2023, the top 15 blogs on our site were viewed 18,943 times by 6,767 users!”

Our biggest category represented in the top 15 blogs are those which speak to the educator experiences from classrooms across the state. From math to language arts to computer science to general student well-being, teachers across all grade levels are utilizing the resources shared on our blogs.  Keep Indiana Learning’s Assistant Director of Professional Learning Courtney Flessner has a top blog of 2023 rooted in her own experiences as an educator and a leader of educators, Five Ideas to Turn a ‘Regular’ Math Worksheet into Something Great.” Middle School Educator Ella Hereth shared tips and resources on how to combine math and art to generate “amazing math talk.” Current high school principal and former high school English teacher Carrie Wisehart detailed how “rigorous learning CAN STILL BE hands-on, collaborative, and fulfilling” by sharing “15 Ways to Use Play-Doh in the Middle and High School Classroom.” The computer science standards make some educators nervous, but #VirtuallyDifferent Digital Learning Coach Jen Stewart explores why there is no reason to panic when it comes to implementing these. As many strive to make classrooms more inclusive and welcoming, two of our top 15 blogs were helpful. First, Educator Barnes shared profiles of 30 Black Hoosiers who are modeling excellence in a variety of settings (and don’t miss her YouTube series of interviews with contemporary Black Hoosiers who are also doing excellent work in all aspects of society). Finally, Hannah Pack authored a three part series on “embracing Black hair” and how educators can better support students of color.

Four of the top 15 blogs are of particular interest to school counselors.  Kyle Miller’s piece on shifting from trauma-informed to trauma responsive takes a very practical approach to making this important adjustment. Education is filled with acronyms, and Jennifer Miller’s blog helps all educators understand the differences between RTI and MTSS. Bonnie Kulenkamp’s helps readers understand there is much more to social-emotional learning than simply warm fuzzy feelings. The final counseling focused blog in the top 15 is Jessica Sullivan’s piece from January 2023 about how to use data to start the second semester well.

Finally, there are two blogs in the top 15 which are geared more towards administrators.  Kristin Parisi shared her knowledge about using ISPROUT to efficiently track data and monitor progress of our state’s youngest learners. Paraprofessionals are an integral part of every school staff; Kacey Seaver and Angie Wiggins both shared ideas on how to best utilize this portion of the school staff.

These blogs would not happen without the time and effort of the educators around the state who share their ideas and passions with others. If you would like to become a contributor, please check out the contributor info on our website or reach out to KeepIndianaLearning@ciesc.org.



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