• Erin Garriot

    Erin is an educator, an includer, a reader, a hugger, a thinker. She's a mom, a sister, a daughter, a steadfast women's rights advocate. She's a napper, a theatergoer, a mini-van driver, a podcast listener. She loves her people and is so very thankful to do the work that she does. Erin began her professional career in 1996 in Pike Township Schools as a third grade team assistant. She then taught third, fourth, and fifth grades before getting her Master's Degree in Mild Intervention and moving into a Disability Educator role. In 2008, she took a year out of the classroom to work with the educators in the College of Education at Butler University and was hired five years later for a full-time teaching position. She continues to teach classes focused on disability pedagogy and advocacy while leading a collaborative, experience-based project between the College of Education and Special Olympics IN.

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