Canvas LMS – Mastery-based Learning with Outcomes & Objectives

Contributed by: Adam Hofer

June 1, 2022

Join Adam Hofer, Keep Indiana Learning Digital Learning Coach, as he dives in to 6 small Canvas tweaks that will have big payouts in the end. * 1: Dashboard Course Cards * 2: Quiz Feedback (classic & new quizzes) * 3: Student Edited Pages within Canvas * 4: Using Discussion Board as a Help Desk * 5: Mastery-based Learning with Outcomes & Objectives * 6: Student Groups


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  • Adam Hofer

    Adam Hofer is an English/Language Arts teacher as well as an instructional coach at Franklin County High School in Brookville, IN. Adam has worked in the classroom for 13 years with students in grades 7-12 supporting student learning through various initiatives including Early College programs, a Freshman Academy, and ACP/dual credit courses. Adam is passionate about learning and working alongside students and adult learners, utilizing Canvas LMS (#CanvasFam), and providing meaningful feedback. His other roles include English department chair and theatre director. Adam is passionate about fostering relationships while in teaching and coaching roles and looks forward to building new connections while helping others.

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