Carrie Rosebrock

09 Dec: PLC Question 3: What do we do when they don’t get it?

What do we do if they don’t get it? That seems to be the million-dollar question plaguing teachers, leaders, schools, and districts. We know that Question 3 of DuFour’s PLC process is critical in the learning process, but this is often where we feel the most stumped. In this session, we will explore the research of Hattie, Fisher, and Frey to unpack exactly which literacy strategies are needed in the learning process, when they are needed, and why. This interactive session provides leaders with a turn-key PD that they can use at any point in the year. Understanding exactly what promotes surface, deep, and eventually transfer of knowledge is the key to answering Questions 3 and 4 of the PLC process.

Duke Lines

24 Nov: Providing feedback to teachers on hybrid/virtual lessons

Over the course of this year, we have seen a shift from Pandemic/Crisis Teaching to in person, hybrid, and/or full virtual learning. With all the changes and sudden shifts in teaching and learning, how do we provide meaningful, actionable feedback to our teachers on hybrid/virtual lessons that goes beyond praise? This session will provide a variety of resources, look fors, and strategies on feedback in the hybrid/virtual environment.