Student success

teach talking to high school students

What I Wish I Had Known

Being a freshman or a senior is filled with excitement, but there is also much worry in those years. Madysen, a recent high school graduate, offers advice to peers navigating the high school waters.

Jodi Hardt and her student

Movin’ on Up!

The transition between schools is hard for all kids, and it is especially hard for kids with special needs. In this blog, we will learn why transitions are hard for exceptional learners and how parents and teachers can help them onto the path for a successful and easy transition to a new school.

"QUEST" in scrabble tiles

The Quest to Overcome the Culture of Compliance

We all know the teacher (or maybe we are the teacher) who is known for committing to strict deadlines and unwavering due dates. The teacher who is dedicated to teaching students punctuality, responsibility, and accountability at all cost.