3 teachers sitting at desks

Go Beyond the Reading Level: A Team Approach to RTI

Often special population departments work in isolation when servicing students, meanwhile many of these individuals fall in multiple subgroups. This blog will discuss one school’s success and one district’s journey to bridge the gap between special populations and general education departments. When these groups work together, teams can dig beyond the reading level to target specific skill deficits for readers to quickly reach proficiency.

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Make Your Book Club STEM-sational!

As a former Language Arts teacher and now STEM teacher, I am combining my skills to make my after school bookclub STEM-sational. With a little out of the book thinking, you can, too!

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STEM Fun & Voting Excitement!

The Young Hoosier Book Award list is compiled yearly by librarians and teachers. Learn how to use these books to build excitement for STEM learning as well as how to get your students involved in the voting process.

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Non-Fiction: The Key to Stimulating Curiosity & Student Success

Do you want to generate interest in non-fiction? Then start reading it yourself. Fifteen years ago when my then high school principal walked into the library and told me that we needed to start doing more with non-fiction, I thought, “Please, no.” I was a romance, verse novel aficionado. But he was correct. Non-fiction is important.

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Something to Read: Books for Middle Schoolers

A trendy and probably Pinterest-inspired idea is to buy fewer holiday gifts for your children—often using the catchy phrase, “something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.”