Starting a Learning Revolution: Helping Students Navigate Learning Pathways

Last year before COVID19 hit, I was charting new ground with lesson planning. I was developing lesson paths where I gave students options for learning information on a topic. My pages on Canvas were pre-loaded with options for students. I even wrote about this journey on my personal blog, “UDL and Learning Paths.” Students were given essential questions, goals/standards, options for learning, choices for sharing their learning, and a reflection tool.

A year later, I have learned to ideate so many lesson plans that make digital learning more engaging and asynchronous—while still being at a level that promotes choice with deep learning. I have learned further ways to provide support and engagement. My journey is like most educators. You start small and then keep working on an idea until it matches the vision you had.  It is a choice to brainstorm ideas for learning and then be willing to improve my craft.

Now rather than a few lessons, my students will be on the Road to Revolution with a truly revolutionized unit of study. I have added Gallery Walks of Images, Smithsonian Interactive Museums, Podcasts, Quizziz Games, Thinglinks, and Nearpods to the choices in a lesson.  Students will still have the same framework but with much richer menus of opportunities. Much of my influence in planning comes from my background in UDL and using the 5 E’s of digital lesson planning. However, I get inspired by others like Dr. Caitlin Tucker and books like Edu Protocols.

Below, I will navigate my changes with you. You will also have access to the resources that helped me transform my unit. I will give you tutorials in how to make your own resources. In addition, if you teach 5th grade you will have access to all of the lessons, so you can use them this year. Regardless of your grade of subject area, let the ideas spark your creative juices. Your students are waiting for their own journey of rich choices.

Together we will revolutionize learning!

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