Podcasts…for after the last bell!

Podcasts…for after the last bell!

Written by: Sandy Goehring

January 21, 2022

22% of podcast subscribers listen in the carTeachers are on their stage 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We get 5 minutes to use the restroom, maybe 20 minutes to eat lunch, and plan lessons and grade papers into the wee hours of the night. You know the importance of doing something for ourselves, but what do you do? Are you a runner? Do you jump into a good book? Do you prefer meeting friends after work? For me, it’s listening to a good podcast! I love listening to them on my way to and from work. Instead of watching tv, I’ll turn on my favorite podcast at night or tune in while I’m working. My favorite time to catch up on my podcasts list is when I’m on a nice, long walk or doing yard work on a warm, sunny day. And can we talk about all of the choices that I get to pick from? My podcast selection depends on my mood. Some days it is a good true crime story. Other days, I use them for professional learning. Many of my favorites are funny podcasts or RomComs. Whatever the situation, podcasts are just another way for educators to take a moment to unwind and practice self-care so that they are ready to face the next day! 78% of Americans ages 12+ are aware of podcastingIf you are new to podcasts or looking for one you haven’t subscribed to, check out my suggestions below. I’m sharing with you some that I’ve found intriguing and engaging in five categories:

  • True Crime
  • Cultural Listening
  • RomComs
  • Professional Learning
  • Everything Else

Number of podcasts listened to in a weekCheck out the Infographic to see my current go-tos and to get a quick statement about what you’ll hear! I know so many people have their own list of must listen to podcast, so be sure to reach out on Twitter (@sandygoehring) and share them with the Keep Indiana Learning community on Twitter (@keepINlearning), Instagram (@keepindianalearning), and Facebook. I can’t wait to continue building my library! Podcasts… for after the last bell!

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  • Sandy Goehring

    Sandy Goehring is the Compliance Coordinator and Special Education Personalized Learning Coach for Noblesville Schools. Prior to her current position, she served as an elementary teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal for five years. She is a proud Butler Bulldog. She received both her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and Masters degree through EPPSP. In her current position, she is responsible for supporting teachers in developing high quality, compliant Individualized Education Programs. She provides one-on-one coaching to strengthen goal writing using programs such as Goalbook. Sandy is also responsible for developing and maintain the district Medicaid billing and ClaimAid process. This year, she has also had the opportunity to serve as a virtual second grade teacher. Because of her passion for digital learn, this has been an exciting adventure!

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