Join us as we welcome Juliana Tafur, researcher and documentary filmmaker of List(e)n, in a powerful conversation about the essential nature of listening and how necessary it is to learn to listen effectively and courageously.

Through her organization, Listen Courageously, Juliana runs workshops with large organizations, leading universities, and for the first time ever, K-12 educators through Keep Indiana Learning. Her mission is to solve an evolving social problem, which is: as a society, we have forgotten how to listen. Connecting again at a human level – regardless ofideological preferences, sexual orientation, skin color or cultural heritage – has never been more important.

The immersive virtual workshops are designed to make people more aware of their listening blocks and better able to engage in heart-centered conversations that lead to understanding.

Using the award-winning documentary film “List(e)n”, which successfully makes people with opposing viewpoints connect at a human level, we’re breaking down these silos by guiding people on how to have heart-centered conversations that lead to understanding, as well as how to listen to see past stereotypes. Learn more about Listen Courageously at and watch the LIST(e)N Trailer on Vimeo.

Moderators: Lena Darnay, Learning Architect for Keep Indiana Learning, and Katie Lash, Director of East Central Educational Service Center of Indiana.

Episode Transcript