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We are excited to announce our Targeted Learning Guides.  We have bundled the Keep Indiana Learning content in themed packages with some thoughtful questions for you to consider as you interact with the video, blog or podcast content.  This is a great way to access high quality content that addresses an instructional need you may have in your classroom or school.  If you think of a  topic you would like us to bundle, reach out to keepindianalearning@ciesc.org and let us know.  We hope you enjoy this new feature from Keep Indiana Learning.

Acronyms are everywhere in education! Do you know what they all
mean? How do you keep them straight? Use the resources below
to investigate three areas: General Education, Data/Testing, and

Checks for understanding, feedback, and other forms of authentic assessments in the virtual, hybrid, or in-person classroom are on deck in these OnDemand resources.

Regulated adults create regulate students. These OnDemand videos and blogs will help you cultivate a calm environment for you and your students.

Activities, Articles, Webinars, and Podcasts.

Helping students & educators regulate emotions is no small task. These OnDemand video presentations will give you multiple strategies you can quickly implement.

“Digital Citizenship” is a BROAD term. Use these videos and blogs to break it down into more meaningful chunks to digest with your learners.

PreK-1 teachers and learners have very unique needs. These OnDemand videos and blog created by primary educators are excellent resources for those who serve our littlest learners.

How do you survive that long stretch from the “Days of Gray”
through the “Springtime Crazies?” Let these Keep Indiana
Learning Digital Learning Coaches help!

A perfect jigsaw group of engagement resources! Two blogs and two OnDemand videos combine to share a picture of what engagement can look like in-person, hybrid, or virtual!

Creating classroom environments where our students can thrive as mathematicians is crucial to their learning. Learn more about using real world data to design lessons, engaging children in classroom discourse, and how taking risks as a teacher can encourage your students to do the same!

Discover through readings, videos, and resources, new ways in which to increase family engagement.

Whether your PLC is your across the hall neighbor or someone you “met” through social media, there is power in working together. These 3 blogs and 4 part OnDemand video series will get you going in the right direction.

Take your school counseling data utilization to the next level!
Restorative Practices

Clips, blogs, & questions to get school counselors started with data utilization through collection, analysis, implementation, & shared results! Ready to dive deeper? Check out the Advanced Track!

A way to make learning engaging is to take “real world” fun and give it a learning twist! Escape rooms to gamification to reading relays – all ways to capture the fun AND learning! These blogs & videos walk you through the process.

Take a look at some curated resources for an introduction to restorative practices as a means to strengthen connections within your school community!

These OnDemand videos will help you help your struggling math students and transform your instruction to give all students access to STEM curriculum.

These 2 blogs and video series will introduce you to Hoosier women working today in STEM fields.

Explore a variety of blogs and videos to learn more about trauma-informed practices.

These videos demonstrate two of John Hattie’s high impact strategies and how to incorporate them into your ELA lessons.

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