Join Dr. Andrew Melin, Executive Director of CIESC, Ms. Flora Jones, director of student pathways for the Indiana Department of Education, and Mr. Allen Hill, the executive director of the Indiana School Counselors Association, as they discuss why it is important for today’s PK-12 counselors to enhance their career counseling skills. In addition to discussing the why, several ideas and strategies will be provided.

Moderator Dr. Andrew Melin, Executive Director, CIESC



Guest 1 – Flora Jones, Director of Student Pathways, Indiana Department of Education

Bio and Headshot

Ms. Jones is a Proud School Administrator and Professional School Counselor with over twenty years of experience in the field of education. She prides herself in being a servant leader who has devoted her life to helping students find their Passion and Purpose and develop a Plan for their future. Before joining the IDOE, she served as the Director of Post-Secondary Readiness for Indianapolis Public Schools where she oversaw college, career, and life readiness initiatives across the district. Prior to her time in IPS, she spent over twenty years in MSD of Wayne Township in various roles including School Counselor, District Equity Team Leader, Recruitment Chairperson, Home School Advisor, At Risk Counselor, and GCL New Teacher Trainer, along with many other roles and responsibilities. In her role as IDOE Director of Student Pathways, she is responsible for setting the direction of Pathway Opportunities for students as it relates to Graduation Pathways and Locally Created Pathways, Regional Work-Based Learning Opportunities and Support, Dual Credit Credentialing for School Staff to Increase Student Access to College Coursework, Postsecondary Credentialing for Students and Moving the Terminal End Point of High School Beyond the Graduation Stage. She is also responsible for the support and guidance in the area of High Abilities, Alternative Educational Programming, Homeless Children and Youth, and Homeschool Initiatives.

Guest 2 – Allen Hill, Executive Director, Indiana School Counselors Association

Allen Hill has served as a school counselor in urban and rural settings since receiving a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University-Yuma in 2002. Allen has been active on the Arizona School Counselor Association governing board since 2004 in roles including President, Secondary Vice President, and Advocacy Chair. I currently serving as Indiana School Counselor Association Executive Director, been at this position since 2016. Allen is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross where he works in the Service to Armed Forces division as a trainer and facilitator for Reconnection Workshops.