Unpacking the Distance Learning Playbook, Grades K-12, 6-Part Series

Presenter: PLConnect Team

Join the PLConnect Team in this 6-part series as we dive into Fisher, Frey and Hattie’s new book, The Distance Learning Playbook, Grades K-12.  Each module will occur live and will be available on-demand after the event.

This is a six-part series, you only need to register once:

  • OnDemand  |  Module 1: Establishing Norms and the Philosophy and Teacher Care – Presented by Carrie Rosebrock
    • In this module, we will explore the power of establishing norms, creating classroom philosophies for online and hybrid learning, and the importance of teacher self-care. Each module in this series target key learning intentions listed within the book.
  • OnDemand  |  Module 2: Building Relationships – Presented by Dr. Christy Hilton
    • Quality teacher to student relationships and a welcoming environment for all students are crucial to establishing a safe and productive learning environment. This module will focus on building positive and supportive teacher to student relationships and student to student relationships in a virtual classroom.
  • OnDemand  |  Module 3: Teacher Clarity and Credibility – Presented by Carrie Rosebrock
    • This module will focus on teacher clarity and teacher credibility. It is incredibly important, especially in a virtual environment, that we build trust with our students. They need to trust that we know what we are doing and where we are going and where we are taking them as students. This module will discuss strategies to build that trust in a virtual classroom.
  • October 28  |  Module 4: Engagement – Presented by Laurie Ferry
    • In module 4, we look at ways to authentically engage students in a distance learning setting. We go beyond the use of quick tools and gadgets and we dig in to strategies to promote behavioral, cognitive, and emotional engagement for all learners.
  • November 4  |  Module 5: Planning Instructional Units – Presented by Dr. Christy Hilton
    • Designing meaningful learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to learn is critical to student success. This module focuses on various learning strategies and how they align with different aspects of distance learning.
  • November 11  |  Module 6: Feedback, Assessment and Grading – Presented by Laurie Ferry
    • This module examines how to provide effective feedback to all students in a virtual environment and how best to formatively and summatively assess students’ mastery levels. Grading is another area we discuss in this module as we rethink how we will grade work students do at home.

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