Closing the STEM Gap: Women in STEM

female engineer in front of her workspace
Presenter(s): Khushi Patel, Elaine Hilton, Beata Barati & Marie Bombei
Cost: FREE

Through this video, you will meet four Hoosier women at different stages of their careers in STEM fields (high school student, college student, and 2 career professionals). They discuss how they chose their fields of study and who inspired them along the way. They also give motivational tips to younger women who are contemplating STEM careers.

This video can be watched in its entirety in one setting or divided into four parts:

  • 0 – 8:05 =Khushi Patel (high school student)
  • 8:06 – 18:58 = Elaine Hilton (college student)
  • 18:59 – 27:00 = Beata Barati (Sr Robotics Applications Engineer at Eli Lilly & Company)
  • 27:00 – 36:56 = Marie Bombei (Six Sigma Black Belt & Continuous Improvement Coach at Eli Lilly & Company)
Learning Intention(s):
  1. 1. Viewers will understand different career options available in STEM fields
  2. Viewers will realize the importance of having a variety of experiences as they chose a field of study
  3. Viewers will be encouraged to persevere through challenges

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