Transformative Teaching & Learning Bootcamp Series

Amanda McCammon
Presenter(s): Amanda McCammon, Indiana STEM Ecosystem Lead
Date(s): September 28, November 16 - 8:30 am EDT and 1 by request coaching date

Part One: Immersive Introduction – Learn the fundamentals and how to model the practices of PBL & inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning through an immersive experience.

Part Two: Deep Dive Development – Deepen your understanding of project-based teaching & assessment practices that support PBL design, structure, and implementation while actively engaging in a project plan of your own! Gain the knowledge and skills to design, assess, and manage rigorous, standards-based projects.

Part Three: Sustained Support – Provide extended coaching for your teachers and leaders to ensure the learned practices from part one and two of the Transformative Teaching & Learning Bootcamp are embedded into daily instructional practices. *Part 3 will be scheduled individually by emailing Amanda McCammon.

This is a hybrid virtual & in-person event.

Learning Intention(s):

Part One

  1. Participate in an immersive experience of real world, project-based, and inquiry-based learning.
  2. Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of project and inquiry-based instruction.
  3. Experience first-hand the value of transforming teaching and learning through PBL, inquiry-based and real world, relevant instructional methods.

Part Two

  1. Engage with other practitioners to transform a unit of instruction into a true PBL, inquiry-based & real-world project plan they can use immediately.
  2. Expand their understanding of the fundamentals of project and inquiry-based instruction.
  3. Understand ways of assessing student learning while using PBL, inquiry-based & real-world lessons and practices.

Part Three

  1. Gain 1:1 coaching to support their efforts of implementation.
  2. Team with other practitioners to collaborate and share their experiences in PBL, inquiry-based & real-world instruction.
  3. Receive relevant and timely feedback on their observed instructional practices relevant to this methodology.

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