Transformational School Improvement Planning

Presenter(s): Anna Cook and Lena Darnay
Date(s): ´╗┐July 12th and ´╗┐13th from 9:00AM - 3:00 PM EST
Cost: $250 (FREE for GEER School Districts)

Imagine if School Improvement Plans genuinely guided the work for your school to make transformational and measurable change. Reimagining our approach to developing School Improvement Plan goals, allows us to create authentic, transformative, and actionable steps which inspire buy-in at all levels of the school and into the community. This two-day work session is tailored for school improvement teams to examine real data, evaluate instructional strategies, and set measurable and actionable goals for true transformation.

Learning Intention(s):

In this 2-day work session, we are learning to Examine student data points that include various assessments Evaluate existing or future high-impact instructional strategies and programming Set measurable and actionable goals with timely metrics for continual progress

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