Tools for Student Empowerment Series

Lena Darnay
Presenter(s): Lena Darnay, Professional Learning Specialist, CIESC

In this 3 part series, we will explore simple, free digital tools to support student empowerment in the virtual, hybrid, or in-person classroom. Register for the series for access to all parts.

  • Part 1 – Tools for Student Self-Direction Empowered learners are self-directed learners. However, becoming a self-directed learner takes time and practice. These simple tools will help support learners as they work to become organized, focused, self-managers.
  • Part 2 – Tools for Student Connection to Learning Students are empowered learners when they feel connected to the topics and methods for learning. By sparking their curiosity we build a connection from their interests to your content. These digital resources will help you spark their wonders and give them opportunities to question and explore.
  • Part 3 – Tools for Access and Differentiation If a student cannot access the learning, they can’t feel empowered to engage in and complete activities. Using simple strategies and tools can help support technology access issues and provide choice and options in learning and demonstrations of understanding.

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