Technology Integration on Purpose and With a Purpose

Kevin Schamel
Presenter(s): Kevin Schamel

As a teacher or administrator, have you ever wondered if the technology that you are using with students is really having an impact? Maybe you’ve questioned whether or not you have made the best possible choices for what tools you are choosing to use with your students. This on-demand presentation is an extension of my recent blog post that takes a deeper dive into some early and more contemporary technology integration planning and evaluation frameworks. Participants will learn more about the PICRAT and Triple E frameworks and gain insights into how these tools can be used to improve the efficacy of technology integration in the classroom.

Learning Intention(s):

As a result of viewing the presentation, participants will be able to decide not only if the adoption of a blended learning evaluation and planning framework would be beneficial for them or not, but also be able to indicate which model presented best fits their needs.

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