Teaching Social-Emotional Learning within a Jam-Packed Curriculum

Kaley Esselborn
Presenter(s): Kaley Esselborn

What skills, qualities, and attributes would you like your students to possess at age 25? During this session, educators will discuss core competencies, challenges, and solutions for implementing social-emotional learning strategies into any classroom or school setting. Educators will learn how to support students to ensure they are healthy, secure, challenged, engaged, and supported from K to 12. Whether it’s organic teaching opportunities, dedicated classroom time, or creating a classroom culture, you’ll learn best practices and take home digital and offline resources to use tomorrow.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Discuss and understand relevant whole child research and best practices
  2. Analyze how to take advantage of everyday opportunities to infuse SEL into everyday instruction
  3. Incorporate SEL techniques and resources into subject matter lessons

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