Supporting Academically Struggling Students

Presenter: Counselor Connect Presenters

In this presentation, the following will be shared and discussed:

  • The importance of the Student Orientation and pre-work with student readiness such as: course preview, awareness, navigation of the system, drop-in sessions, the coach/mentor role.
  • Parent, coach/mentor and Special Ed /TOR information for monitoring student progress.
  • The challenges this year presents with more ‘new’ online students and parents expecting “school online” verses “online school”.
  • School personnel changes and training.
  • Shared resources: student engagement research, Student Orientation connected to successful completions, WDLC case studies


  • Dawn Nordine, Executive Director, Wisconsin Virtual School
  • Kori Williamson and Jessica Griggs, Hoosier Academy

  • Kim Hendrick, Executive Director, Indiana Online
  • Trenton Borom, Speedway High School
  • Connie Poston, Clark Pleasant Community Schools
  • Jodi Kaseff, Clark Pleasant Community Schools
  • Michelle Clarke, Indiana’s School Counseling Specialist, will provide updates related to SEL Competencies, Graduation Pathways, and Assessment.

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