Student-Centered Coaching Cadre

Join this cadre to explore how the Student-Centered Coaching model keeps student learning as the focus of sustainable coaching work.

Student-Centered Coaching provides coaches with a framework for data-driven, student-focused coaching work. This Cadre is designed for coaches that are interested in using the Student-Centered Coaching model in their roles.

Student-Centered Coaching is driven by standards-based student data and evidence. This structure allows for the coach to work alongside teachers as a partner to increase student learning. The Student-Centered Coaching Cadre will provide coaches with the tools and skills they need to engage in systematic coaching cycles with teachers in order to improve student outcomes. Centered in the work from Diane Sweeney, we will use resources from the Student Centered Coaching books alongside years of experience working in Indiana schools.

What to Expect

Dates and Location


  • Monday, January 23
  • Tuesday, January 24
  • Monday, March 13
  • Tuesday, March 14


8:30AM – 3:30PM ET


3500 Depauw Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Pyramid 3, Floor 3, Frontier Conference Room

Learning Intentions / Objectives

Throughout the Cadre, we will:

  • explore the structure of a student-centered coaching cycle
  • learn how to determine learning goals and learning targets to guide coaching cycles
  • practice and reflect on co-teaching moves used in the classroom
  • discuss how to partner with administration in a non-evaluative role

Who should Attend

This cadre is for all Instructional Coaches and Mentor Teachers, but any who feel they can benefit may join!

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$475 / Participant
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$400 / Participant
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$325 / Participant