STEM Evaluator Training

Dr. Christy Hilton
Presenter(s): Dr. Christy Hilton, CIESC Professional Learning Specialist
Date(s): September 2 - 8:30 am EDT

STEM evaluator training is important for any school leader who strives to improve STEM instruction in his/her building. It is also a key element in Indiana’s STEM School Certification rubric. Please join me as we consider the key components of an effective STEM evaluation component and consider how this can be incorporated into your current evaluation instrument.

This event is a hybrid virtual & in-person event.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Learn about how to meet the STEM instructional feedback requirements of the STEM School Certification rubric
  2. How to identify the components in the State’s definition of STEM instruction
  3. Be able to describe the components required to earn a highly effective for the STEM instructional feedback element of the rubric
  4. Be able to identify the components of the STEM classroom and STEM-educated students

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