Science of Reading – Foundations of SoR & Environments to Support SoR

Exploring the Foundations & Environments to support Science of Reading!

12/2/2022 - 9:00AM - 10:00AM ET - Science of Reading 101: Foundations

Small Shifts Make Big Changes

In this session we will:

  • Review Indiana’s Science of Reading initiative
  • Learn about the brain science fueling the shift
  • Discuss small ways to get started in your classroom/district

Educators will walk away with a better understanding of the underpinnings within this initiative, the neurological process children/adolescents go through to become proficient readers and writers, and the principles that guide impact.

12/2/2022 - 10:00AM - 11:00AM ET - Science of Reading 201: Environments to Support SoR

In this session, we will unpack how knowledge building environments prevent gaps in foundational literacy skill development from forming. Educators will walk away with greater awareness of the part knowledge-building plays in helping students internalize individual literacy skills and ways to structure learning around these types of experiences.

Presented by Lindsay Barts

Lindsay works with educators across the country who are making the shift to the Science of Reading. Since 2017, she has built collaborative networks around best instructional practices. Lindsay facilitates workshops at regional, state, and national literacy conferences with educators interested in learning the meaning behind the research, how the brain is influenced by our daily instruction, and small ways to align instruction within the district/ classroom.

Lindsay has worked in educational literacy her entire career, starting as a 2nd-grade teacher in Peru. She also taught Algebra, Spanish, and served as an in-school suspension teacher in Plymouth, Indiana.

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