School Reentry Series: Supporting Students & Families Through Re-Opening

Counselor Connect
Presenter(s): Counselor Connect Tactic Team

As districts welcome students back to school, student service professionals, educators, and school leaders will play a vital role in supporting trauma-informed transition for students, families, and staff. This series will provide an overview of the impacts of the pandemic and provide resources and ideas to assist in planning for reopening. Sessions in the series will include information and exploration regarding needs assessments, defining roles for collaborative work, re-engaging students and families, and getting students emotionally ready to return to school.

Session 1: Re-Engaging Students and Families | Presenter: Dr. Brian Dinkins, Chief Executive Officer at Center for Empowering Education, Inc.

Research has established reliable evidence that engaging students and families lead to better outcomes for children. Building our understanding of students, families, and the challenges they face today helps schools focus on equity mindsets, engagement strategies, and strategic planning that schools can employ to enhance partnerships with students and families. In this training, participants will learn how to help their schools develop a strategic plan that is equity-centered, prioritizes student engagement, and strengthens authentic partnerships with parents, allowing for more robust communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Session 2: Reopening Schools & Defining Roles | Presenters: Angie Ness, MS, NCC – School Counseling Content Specialist and Stephanie Deeter, Ed.S, NCC – PMMS Director of School Counseling

As schools reopen this fall, school counselors and other student support service providers play a vital role in supporting a trauma-informed transition for students, families, and staff. This interactive session will provide an overview of the impacts of the pandemic and ways to utilize this information while planning for reopening. Needs assessments and other resources will be explored to create comprehensive counseling plans that address student and school community needs. In addition, this session will also provide resources about how to define the school counseling role while collaboratively working with other student service professionals.

Session 3: Caring for Our Post-Pandemic Learners | Presenters: Dr. Jen Money-Brady EDD, NCC, DCC and Amanda Schwyn ABD, MS, NCC

Caring for our Post-Pandemic Learners is about acceptance and Trauma-Responsive care following the COVID-19 Experience in schools for educators, school counselors, and administrators.  The following topics will be addressed:

      • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
      • Collective Trauma-responsive
      • Self-care for educators
      • Partnering with families (and other agencies?)
      • Facilitating independence within school structure
      • Ways to foster resilience

Session 4: Adversity Made Us Stronger (30-minute OnDemand Video) | Presenter: Yohancé Salimu

You have been through a roller-coaster of a year and survived the Covid-19 pandemic (*Cough* *Cough*). As frustrating, life-altering, and stressful as this may have been, you are now stronger from it all. As an expert in overcoming adversity, Yohancé Salimu would like to share his story of overcoming adversity with you. Salimu grew up as a homeless teen in a violent area of Los Angeles. His story is powerful and he would like to show you just how much you can grow and improve when you embrace the lessons from overcoming adversity.

Learning Intention(s):
  1. Reopening Schools & Defining Roles
  2. Reengaging Students & Families
  3. Getting Students Emotionally Ready to Return to School
  4. Assessing Student and Family Needs

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